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  1. illukka

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    Jun 23, 2003
    just found this at

    Kaspersky Labs, a leading information security expert, is pleased to introduce a free of charge migration programme to Kaspersky® Anti-Virus for RAV anti-virus system users. The programme allows for a beneficial and smooth transition to a highly effective cross-platform anti-virus solution based on Kaspersky Labs products and provided with professional round-the-clock support.

    Microsoft purchased RAV anti-virus technology on June 10th, 2003 for integration into Windows. GeCAD Software, the developer of RAV, has already announced a "strategic re-organisation of operations", including ceasing the direct sales and further development of RAV, as well as no more anti-virus database updates beginning with September 2004.

    Unfortunately, the acquisition of RAV has had some negative effects, due to unclear solutions for some issues. As a result, many RAV users and distributors have expressed their dissatisfaction and decided to look for alternative anti-virus solutions.

    Kaspersky Labs is well aware of the importance of continuous protection against viruses for all users, ranging from home PC's to large enterprise networks. When such protection ceases the negative consequences are endless: data can be destroyed, damaged or stolen.

    Therefore, Kaspersky Labs has introduced a special programme for all RAV clients, where they can purchase an equivalent Kaspersky× Anti-Virus solution with a 50% discount. For the period covered by the current RAV license Kaspersky Anti-Virus will be delivered to the customers free of charge.

    Kaspersky Labs is ready to provide consulting services to large enterprises and Internet Service Providers in areas such as implementing, maintaining and customizing Kaspersky Anti-Virus for meeting specific tasks.

    Kaspersky Labs anti-virus solutions provide reliable control over all virus propagation sources. They effectively protect home PCs, network workstations, file servers, e-mail gateways, firewalls and handheld computers. Powerful network management tools allow for fast and flexible centralized deployment and maintenance of the anti-virus defence. Kaspersky Anti-Virus carries a full set of certificates (including ICSA and Check Mark) confirming its reliability and effectiveness, and has received numerous awards from leading IT publications and test centres.

    "We have all of the resources and expertise necessary to provide RAV users with effective protection against viruses and high-quality technical support", said Natalya Kaspersky, Kaspersky Labs CEO, "Our product portfolio is distinguished by cutting-edge technology and round-the-clock customer support. We are ready and willing to assist RAV clients. In fact, our recent acquisition of the RAV Unix/Linux developers and management team guarantees a comfortable transition for RAV users to Kaspersky Labs solutions."

    Kaspersky Labs also offers all distributors of RAV products mutually- advantageous partnership opportunities.

    We invite all interested RAV users and business partners to receive detailed information from Kaspersky Labs at
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