ATI 11 on Vista: batch files to run backup Tasks

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by tuttle, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. tuttle

    tuttle Guest

    I created a Task to create a Full Backup. I also created a batch file to directly launch the Task, with a shortcut to the batch file to launch it easily. (Thanks to shieber and k0lo for the information on how to do this!)

    When I set this up in XP, it worked perfectly. Now I've created a similar setup in Vista Home Premium, but it's not working. When I launch the batch file, I see a popup warning in the Notification Area (formerly Systray) saying:
    Acronis TI itself displays a dialog box saying:
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  2. K0LO

    K0LO Registered Member

    Mar 9, 2006
    State College, Pennsylvania

    I'm not in front of a Vista machine right now to check this (visiting my Mom this week) but can you try this? Right-click on your batch file and choose "Run as administrator". See if the task completes correctly.

    If so, check settings for your batch file and try setting it to always run with highest privileges.
  3. tuttle

    tuttle Guest

    ATI 11 on Vista: how to run without Admin password?

    Hi Mark:

    Thanks for the reply. I've learned more about this. It's not an issue with the batch file per se, it's an issue with running Acronis True Image Home 11. I logged in as Administrator to setup the laptop for my friend. When I am done, he will login as a Standard user, so he has less power to damage or infect the laptop. ;)

    Whenever the Standard user tries to launch ATI, either via the executable or by batch file to the Tasks, User Account Control prompts for the Administrator password before launching. I don't need the Standard user to be able to access the full ATI application, but I need him to be able to run the pre-created Tasks. The backup Tasks are set to run Manually, and the batch files directly launch the Tasks. I want him to periodically use the batch files to launch the Tasks to image his drive.

    I'm new to Vista, so I'm just learning it. I've tried using Properties | Compatibility to "Run as administrator", but I can't figure out how to make that setting persistent.

    I read a post you made about UAC, and I agree with it. UAC is valuable protection that should not be disabled. I used TweakUAC to enable the Administrator account to switch UAC to “quiet mode”, which means that UAC remains enabled but the Administrator profile won’t see the elevation prompts. Standard user profiles will have full UAC protection enabled with elevation prompts. I explained further in

    How can I set the Tasks to run with administrator permissions, or run without requiring password? If that isn't possible for Tasks alone, is it possible to configure ATI to run with administrator permissions, or run without requiring password?

  4. tuttle

    tuttle Guest

    As this is not to be an issue with the batch file per se, but rather with how to run ATI Tasks as a Standard user in Vista without the administrator password, I'm opening a new thread with a more accurate title and posting:
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