AtGuard 3.22.x problems with win xp pro sp2

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by sergeycentral, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. sergeycentral

    sergeycentral Registered Member

    Jan 24, 2006
    OK so I recently reinstalled windows xp pro sp2. did the updates and installed AtGuard 3.22.11

    now i get the strange internet behavior when downloading in my browser... downloads halt in the middle. some files download comeletly but are different file contents (slightly scrabmled). ftp clients cant initiate direcotry download and other wierd **** like that. it not only has to do with just the firewall funtion of atgaurd but the entire software. lemme explain. when i turn off just the firewall strange internet behavior still stays.. when i "disable" atgaurd strange internet behavior goes away and i am able to download everything fine without troubles. i have tried fresh install of windows on my vmware machine..
    on it i downgraded to atgaurd 3.10.. didnt work
    tried using the old http.sys before the microsoft patch came out.. still didnt work!

    what pisses me off it that it worked on my old system wichi was the same version of windows. could this be issue with my college network?! or what partches/software i had installed before my fresh install? has anyone verified that AtGuard 3.x works with a current win xp pro sp2?
  2. noway

    noway Registered Member

    Apr 24, 2005
    It has issues with XP (original and all SP) like logging not functioning. Even W2KSP4 needs a hack (tcpip.sys) to get everything working right. I haven't bothered with it on XP and I can't explain your "strange internet behavior" which I have never heard about before.

    First I would remove any AtGuard registry mods you may have done after the install, like the ones for fragmented packets/IGMP. Make sure your FTP program or browser is using passive FTP. In the options section, remove all ports from the list (80, 81, 8080, etc). In the Ad Blocking section (sorry it's been a long time and memory is vague), change everything you can to permit, such as java, cookies, ActiveX, ad blocking, etc. Don't use the dashboard. If necessary try reinstalling (while logged on as an admin).

    Atguard doesn't use any authentication for applications (other than path) and without logging working either (obviously this would be handy for troubleshooting) might consider using something more modern that will fully function with this OS.
  3. BlitzenZeus

    BlitzenZeus Security Expert

    Feb 11, 2002
    Oregon, USA
    DO NOT run Atguard on XP, it barely worked on Win 2K, its not setup for the file system, and cannot verify that the approapriate program is being ran, you can't pull up any logs.... Still using this program is not helpig your security at all.

    YEARS AGO when I first got XP I foudn this out, and moved to Tiny 2x, then it became Kerio 2x, I still run Kerio 2.1.5 to this day. I ran Atguard on Win98se for years after it was not longer being updated, and this program has not been sold is many many years, so I suggest you get something up to date, if not something that still works fine like Kerio 2.1.5 which is similar to the firewall filtering of AtGuard.
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