Applocker vs. 16 bit customised program

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    Mar 15, 2009
    Hi there,

    Have setup Applocker on a Win 7 system with a path based ruleset and following Mr.Brians exceptions.
    Initially had kept the applocker to auditing mode under SUA. Then, according to the logs made the necessary changes to the rules. The moment I start the enforce mode, the printing part in the 16 bit dos based program becomes "crazy". There is no error in the event viewer whatsoever. Instead of printing 1 page it starts printing 15 to 20 pages! The program is installed in E drive.

    The problem here is there's no access denied or blocked or any error messages which can give some hint. Its just acting crazy. Note that in auditing mode everything is working fine under SUA so I don't think there's any permissions problem. Any idea?