Anyone tried defshutdown?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by lucd, Apr 21, 2020.

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    the titles says it
    I am not sure whats the purpose of the program,
    its when you get hacked and you want to lock down everything
    or in case of pol.. ekhm ekhm forces come to your home and you want to shut down and encrypt everything

    at any rate, you need alot of confidence to install this because once installed it can do alot of things it seams, with encryption you must be 100% confident that it is legit app
    and not sure what purpose does it serve, it promises to protect against these:

    CVE-2016-1000339: In the Bouncy Castle JCE Provider version 1.55 and earlier the primary engine class used for AES was AESFastEngine. Due to the highly table driven approach used in the algorithm it turns out that if the data channel on the CPU can be monitored the lookup table accesses are sufficient to leak information on the AES key being used. There was also a leak in AESEngine although it was substantially less. AESEngine has been modified to remove any signs of leakage (testing carried out on Intel X86-64) and is now the primary AES class for the BC JCE provider from 1.56. Use of AESFastEngine is now only recommended where otherwise deemed appropriate.

    CVE-2019-3610: Data Leakage Attacks vulnerability in Microsoft Windows client in McAfee True Key (TK) 3.1.9211.0 and earlier allows local users to expose confidential data via specially crafted malware.
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