Anyone familiar with RegSeeker?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by arj1, Jan 3, 2003.

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  1. arj1

    arj1 Guest

    Anyone familiar with RegSeeker from hoverdesk It was listed along with others from jv16`s reg cleaner test
    Everythings pretty clear except the function of the favorites category and history category.I`m looking for some explanation on just how to use these two categories. There doesn`t seem to be a help file. I`ve e-mailed the author and although he did reply there was no mention about a help file or the specific function of these two. Thanks if anyone can help, Hope the links work..
  2. jucabala

    jucabala Guest

    The favorites, i think, is a function to bookmark some registry entries for easy access later (i never used it anyway)
    The history allows you to delete MRUs, IE cache, etc.
  3. arj1

    arj1 Guest

    Thanks jucabala,I kinda figured that about the history but didn`t have a clue about the favorites,as it had areas to "manage" ,"clear",and "add" .. and I didn`t know how it was to be used.
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