Anyone else use filter/proxy emails?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by EncryptedBytes, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Feb 20, 2011
    That isn’t the official term just something I call them. I use throwaways as well though these are different. These I tend to use to help filter additional spam and add an extra layer of protection in case of a website database breach as recovery is simple when using this method.

    I currently have 4 main email accounts:

    -My primary address (given to personal friends and family)
    -My online banking/billing address (filtered to primary and used for financial emailing)
    -My ecommerce (filtered to my primary used when purchasing items or services online)
    -My social (filtered to my primary used for social sites/forums where I don’t require a throw away, used for forgetting passwords, etc)

    In the end of the day I only ever check my primary, relevant emails that match my extensive filter list get sent, the ones that don’t rot in their respective accounts. Important emails that do match my filters never sit in their filtered accounts; they are automatically deleted once sent to my primary via filter rules. Last my web facing accounts have maximum protection (63 char passwords changed every couple months) since I do not actively monitor them. In the end the system was set up over 2 years ago and only cost me around 15minutes of my day.

    I am curious on Wilders thoughts on such a system? A colleague of mine today and I had a debate over this as I pitched my solution to them since they have started to get extensive spam in their account. They didnt seem to interested in using the idea. Maybe my solution is hogwash and I have just been lucky :doubt: Though I can confirm I have never had a single spam email sent to my personal account in years, and only had to change my social address twice due to database breaches of communities I was present on.
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