any way to manually abort a defrag

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by sgweb1, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. sgweb1

    sgweb1 Registered Member

    Jun 30, 2010
    I have partition manager 7 on XP pro
    The following drives;
    drive0:pATA 120gig
    g: 120NTFS
    drive1:SATA 240gig all fat32
    c:40 d:120: h:40 i:40
    drive2:SATA 120gig
    e:6fat32 f:50fat32 g:64ntfs

    In windows, I successfully copied g: from dive 0 to drive 2.
    I then told PM to take drive e containing the swap file
    and convert from fat32 to ntsf with 32s/c
    and defrag with largest file at end and dirs at beginning.

    It obviously needed a reboot.
    I stupidly used the oportunity during reboot to turn off drive 0 in preparation to remove it.
    PM is now in it's 27th hour of doing what it's doing to one of my drives, and I have no way of knowing what drive. I assumed it would find the drive serial number, confirm the drive it is to work with, and proceed. Otherwise, if that's not the case, and it was going to work on the first partition of the third drive, and only found two drives, what twisted logic did it use to randomly pick one of the other partitions?

    I'm using an Intel D915GEV motherboard with the onboard video, and for some reason I can see the bios screen and obviously windows modes, but when the OS shifts the video to what should be the logo setting at boot, the video doesn't output anything, so I'm going on blind faith during that time, until the 32 bit drivers kick into my normal video mode.

    So, Here are my questions:
    Is there a keyboard command in DOS to abort the defrag?
    What drive might it have chosen to work with in case I pull the plug?
    Any formula for guessing how long the conversion or defrag might take?
    Anyone know how I can get video out of the MB in the logo mode to see what it's up to (without reboot)?
Thread Status:
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