Antispyware Workshop May 3rd, 2005,

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  1. Bubba

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    Apr 15, 2002
    Antispyware Workshop Overview
    The Antispyware Workshop, hosted by CNET, will provide an
    opportunity for the industry's key players to come together for a day of
    active and open dialogue about the current and future state of antispyware.
    Held at the W Hotel San Francisco on May 3rd, 2005, this full day workshop
    of relevant and timely sessions will ask and provide clarity to the tough
    questions: How are spyware and adware being defined and what are
    acceptable behaviors? Will legislation help regulate the industry? Is spyware
    okay as long as it's disclosed to the user? Where's the money? What is the
    future of antispyware?
    Simon Clausen, Panelist
    Wayne Cunningham, Moderator
    Esther Dyson, Moderator
    Alex Eckelberry, Panelist
    Ben Edelman, Panelist
    Dan Farber, Moderator
    Chris Jay Hoofnagle, Panelist
    Eric L. Howes, Panelist
    Declan McCullagh, Panelist
    Jeff McFadden, Panelist
    Kelly Mackin, Panelist
    Dave Methvin, Panelist
    David Moll, Panelist
    Lydia B. Parnes, Opening Remarks
    Ari Schwartz, Panelist
    Richard Stiennon, Panelist
    Joseph Telafici, Panelist
    Ralph Terkowitz, Panelist
    Daniel Todd, Panelist
    Christine Varney, Panelist
  2. no13

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    Sep 28, 2004
    Wouldn't YOU like to know?
    If anyone's going... can ya get me some stuff from there?
    transcripts of speeches, rumors... anything!
  3. TeMerc

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    Feb 1, 2004
    PHX. AZ.
    Full Read @ ReveNews


    From Wayne Cunningham at Spyware Confidential:

    Full Read @ Spyware Confidential
    And Suzi weighs in as well:

    Full Read @Spyware Warrior Blog
    Paperghost of Vitalsecurity weighs in about the S|NET Spyware Cinference too, and its a funny write up, good work Chris!!!

    Full Read
    More from Suzi on the C|NET Antispyware Conference:

    Full Read @Spyware Warrior Blog
    Paperghost keeps the ball rlolling:

    180 Solutions down for the count

    Full Read @
    The guys from Sunbelt Software chime in their collection of tidbits about the recent C|NET Spyware Conference.

    180 and "relevant" advertising

    (Props to Dave Methvin at PC Pitstop for sending me these pics and the ad links, and to Simon Clausen at PC Tools who originally made these pics).

    Good read w\screenshots.

    Full Read @ Sunbelt Blog
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