AntiOnline sells user data to FBI

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by Offline, Nov 11, 2002.

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    "AntiOnline confirms it is selling user data to law enforcement agencies"

    found here:

    "A viewer passed along this interesting 'employment opportunity' being advertised at The reason the viewer thought it was so interesting is that it provided proof about the rumors that AntiOnline's monitoring of its visitors goes far beyond that which is normally associated with the normal operation of a web site - in short the visitors to that web site are being monitored and their behavior and activities are being reported to law enforcement agencies and others.... I had heard these rumors over the years, the most prominent story being that AntiOnline was financially supported by "a company whose only interest in AntiOnline was the unbridled access JP provided them to spy on its users, note their comments, identify who they really were and to do clinical behavioral studies on the 'minds of the hacker underground'. I always thought these comments were meant solely to soil AntiOnline's reputation. But let us quote the job opportunity that is currently posted by none other then John Vranesevich on his web site :

    " AntiOnline's Research Division Continues to grow, and we need some smart cookies to help us keep up! We're looking for talented candidates in the areas of software development, computer security, and the behavioral sciences who are eager to work with a unique and bright team of individuals on projects that will really make a difference. While you may be familiar with the work that we do with our website, very few people are familiar with our Research Division (and for good reason). Clients have included the FBI, the Department of Defense, and US Intelligence Agencies to name a few. Now, for the first time, we're offering a public invitation for people to submit their resumes to be considered for employment by AntiOnline's Research Division."

    This all leads our viewer to question why ANYONE in their right mind would even visit Your posted messages are being monitored, your downloads are being monitored and the results are being studied and can, and will, be used against you ?

    (continued via link above)"
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