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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by benton4, Nov 25, 2005.

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  1. benton4

    benton4 Registered Member

    Nov 29, 2004
    I've been using spambayes for a while but I think I like the idea of having mail checked before it gets in the inbox so I'm thinking about spamilator. Any thoughts?
  2. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    I use Mozilla Thunderbird (freeware), which has an anti-spam function.
    Opening and closing Thunderbird is enough to get rid of all my spam-emails in a few seconds, when you configure Thunderbird that way and I have a very slow computer.
    I'm looking forward to see how fast Thunderbird will remove my spam-emails on my new computer.
    The faster I can remove spam-emails, the happier I am and Thunderbird does it for me every day.
    I won't find any other solution, that works faster than Thunderbird.

    If you are still using MS Outlook Express/200x switch to Thunderbird, which is also SAFER and faster and I saw it many times recommended on security websites.
    Give it at least a try to see the difference with MS Outlook, you got nothing to lose.

    Of course there are many other solutions. You have to try them one-by-one to find something, you really like.
  3. Slovak

    Slovak Registered Member

    Mar 4, 2004
    Medina, Ohio
    Spamihilator isn't all that bad, I am using it currently with Thunderbird and they seem to make a decent combo. Thunderbird itself stinks in filtering spam IMO. I was using it with Pegasus mail, which I really like, but its filtering is not for the faint at heart, so until Pegasus comes up with filtering that one does not need a Phd. to use I had to put it on hold.
    Either way, I still get spam, just not as much as I used to. The only sure fire way to not get spam is to not use email, or use throw away email addresses like yahoo etc., which I find a pain in the arse.
  4. bellgamin

    bellgamin Very Frequent Poster

    Aug 1, 2002
    A) Like Slovak, I also use Spamihilator (Spami). I have 12 websites & 17 email accounts, so I get a lot of Spam. I have tried dozens of antispam programs. Spami is THE best *Proxy-Type* antispam program that I have found.

    B) As noted above, Spami is a *Proxy-Type* antispam program.

    >>1) Proxy-Type antispam programs sit in between your server and your computer. They DO download the text of email messages in order that they can scan those messages for spam. They then deliver the GOOD messages to the Inbox of your email client, and hold the SPAM messages in their own files until you tell them to delete them.

    >>2) If you do not want the full text of SPAM messages to be downloaded into your computer at all, then a Proxy-Type antispam program, such as Spami, is NOT the solution you are seeking.

    C) Instead, you need an antispam program that is (so-called) *Server-Based*. This type of antispam program does NOT download entire messages to your computer. Instead, they allow you to specify how much of a message that they will (by default) download in order to scan if it is spam or not.

    >>1) You can (for instance) set this type of antispam program to ONLY download the headers & subject lines of messages.

    >>2) OR you can (for instance) set this type of antispam program to ONLY download the headers, subject lines, & 5 lines of the message's body.

    >>3) In other words, the amount of a message that is downloaded is UP TO YOU.

    >>4) Amazingly enough, a good *Server Based* antispam program can detect a VERY high percentage of spam by only downloading headers, subject, & 5 text lines. And the false-positives are extremely extremely rare.

    D) Examples of excellent *Server-Based* antispam programs are...

    >>1) Mailwasher Pro. NON-free. Excellent tech support by the seller. User community & support at THIS CC Forum

    >>2) Mailbox Dispatcher. FREE!!!

    >>3) Both Mailwasher & Mailbox Dispatcher have bayesian modes, as well as other powerful modes, to detect spam.

    E) I suggest that you visit CC's Mailwasher forum & chat with some of the present users. They are a very friendly, helpful community. Naturally they will steer you toward Mailwasher, but I think you can easily sift out the wheat from the chaff.

    >>1) If you're on a tight budget, Mailbox Dispatcher is superb. You won't be sorry.

    >>2) However, if you have some bucks to spend & want to go First Cabin with someone to hold your hand, when needed, then Mailwasher is well worth the money. No doubt about it. (Also, Mailwasher offers a free trial. You would be wise to take advantage of it before buying.)

    Aloha..... bellgamin
  5. benton4

    benton4 Registered Member

    Nov 29, 2004
    Thanks for the input.
  6. JerryM

    JerryM Registered Member

    Aug 31, 2003
    I have been using Mailwasher for about 3 years or so. I started with the free version, but liked it so well that I went to the full version.

    I would not want to be without it. The only downside is that it will not work with Yahoo unless you pay Yahoo. I do not understand all that I am saying about Yahoo, but somehow Yahoo does not permit it to preview and download its email. Maybe someone can expand on this.

    It works with Hotmail.

    Mailwasher lets you see what is on the server, and based on how you treat the mail it learns what is normally spam. However it shows what is there and you can choose to delete it at the server or download with your email client. It will also preview the message before you download it if you desire.
    It also has a blacklist or friends list.

    I get about 60 spam messages per day, but Mailwasher permits me to delete them at the server. I has them already marked for deletion, and I just have to click the process mail button and it is deleted.

    It also has spam filters that you can set up to identify spam and delete it so you do not have to see the subject.

    I second the recommendation to try it first.

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