Anti-Keylogger v6.1 - install problem

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by krazo1961, Aug 11, 2005.

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  1. krazo1961

    krazo1961 Registered Member

    Aug 11, 2005

    I installed ant-keylogger 6 trial version as it was highly sugested by I obtained the information and link; Anti-Keylogger ( directly on the
    page for Spyware ( and had
    big trouble.

    I doubled clickd on the install file and when through the installation all the way to the screen were I pressed 'Finish' thats when I had a problem.
    First my firewall (Zonelab ZoneAlam Pro popped up a warrning about a temp file from the program attempting access which it had not been granted permission (zonealarm was just doing whats it's supposed to be doing) .

    I pressed the 'ALLOW' button from the (ZoneAlarm Pro) firewall alert
    window to GIVE it permission and when I did my computer locked up on a blue screen with a message a protecting windows itself or a critical file(s). It said to boot to safe mode and uninstall the program. Thats the short of it.

    I could not restart my computer the key board and mouse didn't work and I pressed ctrl-alt-delete that did nothing. I then pressed my computer restart/power button and nothing happened. I was forced to un plug my computer shutting it of then press the power button to turn it back on.

    I fist booted into safe mode and tried to uninstall the program from control panel and then uninstall in the anti-kelloger start menue folder NEITHER worked. My cursor briefly changed to the working in backround thing then stopped I tried many times and it did not work.

    I then restarted and booted into NORMAL mode and windows function fine but I had the same uninstall results as in safe mode.

    I clicked on the ant-keylogger program and it came up with the following error message:

    Kernal not installed.
    Please reinstall the program.
    [code: 0x000000000]

    When I tried to reinstall the program as it sugested and had the exact same things happened as I described above. Please help me. I am stuck the reinstall failed to fix it so I could unistall what files did get placed in the program folder so Iam stuck.

    windows xp pro and my system was working flaulessly before instal and still works fine after all this biz), no viruses (mcAfee), spyware. I scan with Webroot’s Spy Sweeper, Microsoft’s Anti Spyware,LavaSoft’s Ad-Aware SE and Spybot Search & Destroy and Spyware Eliminator and TrojanHunter (just used for scanning mannualy).

    I am currenly running CA’s PestPatrol as my 'ACTIVE' protection. I have been a long time user of HijackThis. Last I keep track of all processes
    running on my system using TaskManager and primarily a program called WinTask Pro which is far more detailed in it’s tracking of processes running, auto start programs and much more.

    I have a folder for anti-keylogger with a few 'orphaned' files in it and thats it. Since the program didn't and wont install its abviously not running.

    The questions are:
    Can I just delete that folder and the few files it put in before it failed.

    use sytem restore to go back to yesterday where I just happen to set a restore point and retore back to then. Will that do the trick.

    First use system restore then if I still find any folder with its stragling few files in it from

    the failed install I just delete them. The restore will get rid of any registry entries from the

    failed install if any are there by going back to previous good pre install attemp point.

    I contacted the vendor but no one answers the phone or answers there 'live' tech support from the

    wem site. It could be a case of what country there in it doesn't say on the site any where. I

    trust Wilders with thier sugestions I have no reason not to. It's one of the main sources of help

    of it's king around. I guess I just had bad luck.

    **Please help with your sugestions, comments or feed back on this

  2. WSFuser

    WSFuser Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2004
    first use system restore then delete any remaining folders/registry entries. and lastly run ccleaner (both the junk and registry cleaner). hope that helps.
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