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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by Uroboros, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Uroboros

    Uroboros Registered Member

    Nov 9, 2003
    Been messing with Jetico and I think I understand how things work. Or at lkeast enough to get by. But I'm a little confused aobut something.

    Jetico seems to keep an eye on more vents then other firewalls. Case in point Steam. I know which ports that program requires and after some trial and error I've set up some rules to allow Steam through. But I find I also get pop-ups regarding data coming in with LOCAL ports as the destination. And the ports seem to vary.

    Now these are on ports I've not come across regarding Steam. And I have no idea what the range of local ports actually is. Also the actually games themselves will bring up a pop-up and they will use the same ports and will require a choice on my part.

    What's the best way to handle this? Should I just put them into the Application Trusted Zone? I'm already behind a hardware firewall/router so Jetico is not my only line of defense.

    Same issue with Windows Media Player? How should I handle that??

  2. farmerlee

    farmerlee Registered Member

    Jul 1, 2006
    Yeah i been trying to figure that one out myself. I have a hardware firewall in my adsl router so i just placed it in the application trusted zone along along with other legit software that seems to bring up a lot of intrusive alerts.
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