Anonymous hacks Panda Security

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by PaulBB, Mar 7, 2012.

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  1. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    Jan 4, 2009
    Nothing against that, at all. I just don't excuse events like those, just because I got system images. That's all I tried to say.

    Also, there's a difference between one of the antimalware apps you use not being able to detect something because the vendor lacks info about it, and the servers themselves getting hacked and serve the user a nice piece of crap... so to speak.

    I can also say that, for example, Symantec products would no longer have any place in any systems I happen to administer, had they ever been used before.

    When you have in your hands the security of millions of users, you don't have the right to hold back the truth when something like this happens. You're either trustworthy or you aren't. Symantec isn't, for example.

    Don't you think for a second that when their source code got stolen, that they didn't make a quick study that told them that if they lied, there wouldn't be great losses to them? First it was a partner that got hacked; then it was 6-years old source code; and then, they begin to advise people to uninstall some of their applications.

    This is nothing but a total lack of respect and total loss of trust in them. And, the same applies to any security vendor and/or other.

    While I'm not myself a business man, yet; I got a few people in the family who are, and I'm perfectly aware of entire teams of people who study this market losses, due to crap happening. If it's in their favor, they'll disclose it up front; if it's not, they'll simply hold the truth for as long as they can, because losses will be minimal. And this my friend, is business. Security vendors aren't different from the rest...
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  2. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    Jul 29, 2010
    I totally agree about the trust issue.
  3. Brian_12

    Brian_12 Guest

    I couldn't agree more. Most of them would do that. ;)
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