ANN: AJC Grep v2 released

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  1. Andrew Cutforth

    Andrew Cutforth Registered Member

    Jan 27, 2016
    We have now released AJC Grep v2.0.
    This is a complete rewrite and offers the following improvements over v1:

    + New ribbon interface to bring it inline with all other AJC products.
    + Much faster and more memory efficient.
    + Search multiple top level folders instead of just one.
    + You can now search for folders as well as files.
    + In addition to searching the local Windows file system and network it is able to search other location types such as FTP and the cloud. It can access the same location types as AJC Sync v4.
    + Searching happens in background meaning you can start working with the search results right away.
    + In addition to text and binary files it will be able to search Word, Excel and PDF documents by converting them to text.
    + Unicode file names and text supported.
    + In addition to finding matches in file content you can now choose to find lines which do not match or files which do not have content matches.
    + It is more fault tolerant so it does not stop searching when there are problems with files.
    + Built in text file editor so you can edit matched files in place.
    + Integration with Visual Studio.
    + Search text can contain comment lines starting with //

    Read more here:

    AJC Grep v1 users can get 30% discount off the price of v2 by contacting support.
  2. Andrew Cutforth

    Andrew Cutforth Registered Member

    Jan 27, 2016
    AJC Grep v2.1 has now been released:
    + There is now a global option to control if you want to use regular expressions by default.
    + The underscore character was not drawn in the match text on the matches tab if it was the last line in the file.
    + Lines were missing in the context view after the last match.