Android: What's going on with it?

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    Jan 2, 2008
    My contract is up for my cell provider and was looking to the competition for what's new.
    Blackberry's are everywhere.
    The G1 has sold over a 1,000,000 phones with the Android OS.
    Since it has a somewhat of a Linux kernel, how does it fair?

    Things I've found about Android:
    • IPTables doesn't work, libc parts not available on Android
    • Snort same as above
    • NMAP works with some dependencies
    • ClamAV works but 28mb size with only 21mb system image available
    • Busybox works
    • Bash works
    • OpenSSH can be executed but not fully functional
    • strace works
    • chkrootkit works with minor dependencies
    • Application space is limited to 40mb
    • A new type of intrusion/malware detection can be developed.
      • Static Function Call Approach
      • Simple decision tree can achieve 95% detection rate
    PDF Enhancing Security of linuxbased Android Devices PDF

    Is anyone using Android to do pentests?
    Edit: Found this
    Wifiscan, connectbot-an SSH client, portscandroid-a port scanning tool, and androidVNC- fork of tightVNC

    Also Google phone 2 is near, slated for August release. It's called the My Touch 3G, part of the htc touch line.
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