ALL LOST after decrypting TrueCrypt system drive!?

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by MorganZumi, Jan 29, 2014.

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  1. MorganZumi

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    Jan 29, 2014

    So here is my issue:

    I had well maintained laptop with 500GB drive fully encrypted with TrueCrypt. There were two partitions there - primary for Windows and extended "FILES" for other data (now I know I shouldn't use extended partitions with TC!).

    One day I decided to update my Bluetooth drivers so I downloaded them from official ASUS site. Instead of new drivers the installer erased whole my disk! It deleted all data, programs, screwed up the whole system. After reboot Win said "sorry, I'm dead". This is actually known problem for Broadcom BT drivers... since 2009 as I know!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I ended up with OS damaged. I knew it's completely no use so I only wanted to reinstall to get access to the extended parition to backup my files but I had full disk encryption so no no. Ok, so maybe copy all the important files from the extended partition using WinPE with TC traveller but again - extended partitions CANNOT BE MOUNTED WITH TRUECRYPT! What?! I should have known earlier, damn!

    The only option left was permanent system drive decryption which I did using TC Rescue Disk. The process finished successfully. I rebooted into WinPE to do some backups but... the disk looks like RAW 500GB. No partitions, nothing. I booted again TC Rescue Disk to restore Original disk header (the one before encryption) but no change.

    So I launched MiniTool Power Data Recovery on it and it "found" some 49 .swf files. I'm lost, don't really know what is going on and what to do next.

    I thought that when I do permanent decryption of system drive using TC Rescue Disk I end up with the partitions decrypted and visible. Maybe not with working OS but I don't care as I only need to access extended FILES partition to backup my data.

    What to do? Please help :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.