AIMP v4.00 Build 1658 BETA 3 Released

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    AIMP v4.00 Build 1658 BETA 3 Released

    Whats New:
    • Music Library: performance of rating calculation algorithm has been increased by two orders
    Fixed: Playlist - remove file confirmation dialog appears unfocused if application is inactive (regression)
    Fixed: Playlist - collapsed group cannot be unselected via keyboard in some cases
    Fixed: Skin Engine - music library - click via right mouse button closes menu and does not open it again
    Fixed: Music Library - selection in the "missplaced files" dialog does not work
    Fixed: Music Library - add already indexed files to DB in some cases
    Fixed: UI - autocomplete in ComboBox element is not case sensitive
    Fixed: UI - auto height of CheckBox or RadioButton elements calculates incorrectly
    Fixed: Plugins - - tracks that contains a "&" symbol cannot be scrobbled (regression)
    Small bugs were fixed

    Windows Vista l Windows 7 l Windows 8 (8.1) l Windows 10

    Download: AIMP v4.0 BETA 3