AIMP Updates v4.00.1678 Released

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    AIMP v4.00.1678 Released

    Whats New:
    • Fixed: Playlists Manager - manual sorting does not work
    • Fixed: Player - tracker music - noise appears on some files after seeking
    • Fixed: Playlists - newly added playlists via dran-n-drop always moved at the end of list
    • Fixed: Skin - album art from the playing file is displaying in card with information about the file from playlist
    • Fixed: Skin-Engine - the "smooth transparency" option sometimes works incorrectly
    • Fixed: Skin-Engine - click via right mouse button at running line displays context menu of window in addition to dialog with information about playing file
    • Fixed: Music Library - Grouping Tree - double click at selected node does not collapse / expand it
    • Fixed: Music Library - the "Local files" tab header is not drop target for files unlike playlists tabs
    • Fixed: Music Library - Smart-Playlist - value that equals to "Rating" of the "sort by field" option resets after restart the application
    • Small bugs and defects were fixed

    System Requirements:
    Windows XP SP3 l Windows Vista l Windows 7 l Windows 8 (8.1) l Windows 10

    Download: AIMP v4.0
    Changelog: AIMP Player