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    Outpost Security Suite Pro 7.0.4
    Outpost Firewall Pro 7.0.4
    Outpost Antivirus Pro 7.0.4

    Build number: 3409.520.1244
    Release date: November 23, 2010

    The following issues have been fixed:
    • No ability to create rules for domains in РФ (RF, Russia) zone
    • Number of malware signatures in database was displayed incorrectly [for the suite]

    Additionally, the anti-virus engine has received a major update to the 5.2 edition.
    The updated anti-malware engine delivers significant virus detection growth due to increasing coverage of detected malware per signature. The new Engine has optimized algorithms for managing and storing the malware database, which results in a drastic, 50% reduction of memory usage.

    Supported OS: 32- and 64-bit Windows (Windows 7, Vista, Windows XP SP2+,
    Windows Server 2003 SP1+, 200:cool:, Windows 2000 SP4 with security rollup.

    Download: All Versions
    View: Whats New
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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