After installation the file "trueimage.exe" not found

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    If you're in the market to buy an external drive, this information may be of assistance.

    Instead Of buying a standard retail external drive, consider buying a combination item. Which is, buy an external enclosure only (without the drive) and buy a new internal disk separately for insertion into the enclosure.

    For ease of use, I recently purchased a SATA docking unit. This is a combination USB & eSATA external device. The unit will accept either 2.5 & 3.5 size SATA disks and the disk easily drops into the unit. No screws or cover needed. When in use, the raw disk protrudes out from the unit and makes switching/alternating different disks every easy. I alternate the disk used inside the docking unit.

    This particular model is a dual function unit. The unit can be connected to the computer either as a normal USB unit; or,can be attached via a an existing (if available) eSATA connector. The unit includes an adapter plate which can connect to a internal SATA MB connector on a desktop computer. This connector enables the unit to connect to the computer as an eSata unit which has a faster transfer rate than USB. This particular docking unit accepts SATA only drives.

    Because of the included rear plate eSata adapter and the 2 year warranty, this unit costs a little more than some with lesser features. I have used mine for 6 months and it has worked very well. For disks, I prefer to buy Seagate brand harddrive due to their 5 yr warranty. Total cost for both docking unit and a 500GB Sata disk should be slightly less than $100. If you buy the standard retail external usb unit, the drives are not removable and opening the case can void the warranty which is another reason why I like to buy the components as individual items.

    My unit is: Thermaltake ST0005U BlacX 2.5/3.5 Hard Drive Dock - SATA to USB and eSATA (T925-1252)

    Try other vendors for a better price on the docking unit. Some offer free shipping and better pricing if you buy the enclosure and the separate drive as a single purchase.

    The docking unit can also be purchased as a USB unit only (without the eSata option); and is also available as a USB unit that includes a 4 port usb hub

    USB docking unit with & 4port hub
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