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Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by Hmm_at_it, Jul 23, 2003.

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  1. Hmm_at_it

    Hmm_at_it Guest

    heh, I'm quite interested in LnS. However for some reason the 'options' seem overly complex. Especially after having spent so much time using ZA Pro, my previous firewall. And I really need to get away from ZA before it gets to the usefulness of XP's firewall.

    I'm a simple dial-up user. And general needs would closely immitate that of ZA, with some personal control exceptions.

    I need to drop (not reject, mind you) tcp packets to me for all ports. And to only allow ports to be opened to incomming traffic which a program specificly requests, and I approve of, on case by case basis. Also known as "Stealth"

    On the other hand, if looknstop would have a method of discovering just what ports various programs that I use are attempting to use, that would be just as good.

    While the old one did a wonderful job of this, I detest its ability(or lack thereof) to control just what ports and protocals a (or any) program may or may not use.

    While it would be nice to 'allow' certain protocals and ports, I want packets sent to them to drop unless the port is specificly being used by a service on my computer.

    Will it be possible with LnS? And how difficult? I hate to waste my time installing shareware when I know uninstalling most of them leaves their stupid markers on my system saying the product was installed at some point.

    Any comments on the matters are most welcome.
  2. Phant0m

    Phant0m Registered Member

    Jun 7, 2003
    Hey Hmm_at_it

    There are two versions of Look ‘n’ Stop Personal Firewall;

    #1. Look ‘n’ Stop Lite (Freeware (Disadvantage: No Application Filtering Layer))
    #2. Look ‘n’ Stop PRO (30-Day Trail-ware (After Trial has expired Look ‘n’ Stop is still fully functional at Packet Filtering Layer, however Application Filtering Layer is non-Functional.))

    Now I disagree that Installing Look ‘n’ Stop is a waste of time, in-fact Installing Look ‘n’ Stop is the only way for someone to actually get the feel of this product in away that you cannot by reading what others posts…


    Now Look ‘n’ Stop wouldn’t be much of a Rule-base Software Firewall if it didn’t allow you Controls of the Inbounds/Outbounds, In-fact it’s Controls is much greater then most of the other Software Firewalls currently existing today…


    Its learning curve may be little difficult for new-comers; but Frederic can be contacted by E-mail or by the Forum, and we dedicated Look ‘n’ Stop Customers here are always glad to assist whenever needed…


    For much information and information on its Features, and even little Look ‘n’ Stop Simulation is available and many Screenshots you can view over, visit
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