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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Pieter_Arntz, Mar 31, 2003.

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  1. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest

    Being of the opinion that this is an "open" discussion where thoughts can be expressed freely the following is replied: (why say this: wait and see...will the flamers arrive)

    As a person who holds several patients/ as a person who has taken legal actions to enforce ownership........its a long/expensive journey.
    being curious I asked my own attorneys...then contacted two law schools. As yes it was only because of being other motives.
    Intellectual Property: "ideas".....can a persons intellectual property be patiented..of course. But what happens when ideas have been exchanged by several persons but only one person obtains a copyright on the exchanged ideas?? Actually this is not even a very complicated legal issue...its been tested in courts of law many times.....
    if someone opens a public forum but fails to place a notice stating the ideas expressed publically in that forum becomes the sole property of the..lets say the vendor so as not to get over complicated.......without that it possible for the owners of those expressed ideas to make l a legal claim ?
    understand that we are not discussing websites.....the subject is intellectual ideas. The website just the platform of discussion.
    So what do you think? Is ownership joint? Is ownership singular?

    The Snowman

    NOTE PLEASE: This post is not in away directed at any presented with no to discussion.......placed as a question.
  2. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest

    Let it be very clearly understood that I am strongly opposed to any product being pirated. When a person or persons have worked hard to produce a product they deserve the rewards

    So, when persons join together in exchanging of ideas do not all those persons not also deserve rewards of the finshed producto_O An idea begun is not an idea completed.....if an idea completed is completed by joint effort...........who owns the completed idea?
  3. Bethrezen

    Bethrezen Registered Member

    Apr 16, 2002
    hi all

    so Adshield has gone shareware *sigh* how sad this was a good program to

    this is most discouraging to an aspiring tester i have a love of computers and i have endeavour to learn what i can about them scine i have had my own available although i only have limited info and help i have available to me at places like this i have leaned much and had started to become more confident and had recently started testing version 3 along with a couple other apps that i like as part of my learning about computers how ever if i had known about this i may not have bothered

    now although i agree people have a right to make money off there ideas what i don't agree with is making profit off others ideas because I'm sure that alot of the ideas that have gone in to Adshield 3 have come form average users like me and you

    now as to the question of distributing the beta version of Adshield well you raise a very interesting question now although the user license say ya not supposed to I'm just wondering if in this case it would be ok to do as as technically speaking Adshield 3 beta was freeware and there for free for distribution now normally i wouldn't condone the piracy of software how ever I'm my opinion these are exceptional circumstances because effectively the author of adshield lied and cheated by using the public to test and perfect his software and not even having the manors enough to be upfront and tell everyone that version 3 would be going shareware
  4. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest

    Piracy of software is illegal.....strongly discouraged!



    We have shared a few with your permission may I make a comment.
    First.....let it be understood that my previous post was not directed at any particular software product or vendor.
    There is a saying: "if you lay down with the dogs you will get up with fleas"

    You are an itelligent person.....with abilities to learn and you would be doing yourself a very serious injustice to limit yourself. Keep in mind that you can build a software product......maybe not at the moment...but come one could.....if you continue to learn.
    What you do you tomorrow...if you dislike a product you have choices......>don't use the product.....>build a better product......> take the high road be all you can be.........don't limit yourself by the actions of would insult yourself by doing so.
    if there is a question of right or wrong.....the only true question is if you as a person is doing whats right......what others do is of no value except as a means of learning and testing your own values........compromise your values and you compromise who you are as a true to yourself by being you for any reason dislike any product.......strongly consider not using do the right thing even if others don't or have not. An make sure you never get up with fleas.


    The Snowman
  5. The Snowman

    The Snowman Guest


    The software industry as a whole is an honest group of hard working, decent people plying their trade....earning a living...feeding families....
    At this last date its really sad that a discussion of the nature herein would even arise. International Treaties provide legal protection for ALL..not just the few. An gone is the day when scary looking eula's are not contested in courts of law.
    The software industry itself stands more to lose when the expression of ideas is revaged by the greedy few ..whoever they may be.. seeking only self gain. Few software vendors could afford paying beta testers.......few software products would improve without freely expressed ideas of end users......
    The world as we now know it was built of free exchange of by nature is "give"......"get"......hamper that an industry staggers.....
    Software vendors everywhere should be the very first to encourage respect for the public....without whom the software industry has nothing. Simple all it takes.
    Otherwise, consider for a moment.....ownership claims suddenly defense cost...payment of royalty.....on and on
    This thread favors the software industry...the good people within may they have the courage to stand up for their reputations by opposing the revaging of ideas for personal gain. Consider that when full ownership is contested how is it possible to enforce a eula.....even BillyBullyBoy discovered that it just wasn't possible to take ideas without compensation.
    This is not a rant by any means of the word....its an expression of respect given to every honest software vendor in the world.........people who developed software an stand the most to lose when freedom of expression is hampered.
    Beta testers desever payment.....given an idea give something in return.....follow the law if you expect the law to be followed by others.....give notice the a software will go shareware an avoid the lost of reputations and customers......respect and you will be respected!

    Thats all.../// GONE FISHING!!

    The Snowman
  6. Acadia

    Acadia Registered Member

    Sep 8, 2002
    Can’t blame Doug for going Shareware. He has the right to make a living too and has spent countless hours developing what is overwhelmingly agreed to be an excellent product. But $30, heck that’s almost as much as I paid for my Firewall. I’m sure the many users of the free Firewalls will not be willing to shell our $30 for this kind of utility. But still I wish Doug the best and for those willing to shell out the money, it is in my opinion one of the best of that kind out there.
  7. notageek

    notageek Registered Member

    Jun 3, 2002
    Thanks all true. But people will flock over to Proxo cuz it does the same as AdShield plus some. But I think some people will go and pay for AdShield but I won't. It's not cuz I'm mad at him for got shaeware it cuz there's the free stuff out there. :) why pay when you can get it for free or atleast 10 bucks. :) That's what most people ask for in donations.
  8. Just wondering about adshield ...

    Will it block referrers?

    It it block active x and java?

    I like the idea it has no proxy..

  9. Metallica

    Metallica Guest

    Not yet, but maybe in the future?
    The free version of Adshield only holds about ten entries in the blocklist, so that is not really an alternative. I will stick with the beta.
  10. JayK

    JayK Poster

    Dec 27, 2002
    Mozilla blocks referrers.

    As for activex and java, you can use the security zones in IE to decide which sites should be allowed to use them. I don't see why you need Adshield for that.
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