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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by NOD32 user, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Jan 23, 2005
    For the person that asked me how to prevent your LAN users from hitting 'Update now' every 5 minutes?

    This should do the trick. It works great here for me but you should use your own judgement since there are various things that could be different on your PC, but most likely it will be perfect.

    Simply a small batch script to turn off the button function. Normal scheduled update tasks continue to work as normal.

    Assuming default NOD32 install path etc.:-
    1. Download (freeware). You may need to ask IMON, AMON etc. nicely to permit it depending on your settings.
    2. Add AMON exclusions as required since this utility will be correctly detected as 'Win32/CMDOW.143 application' if you have PDA enabled.
    3. Create a folder somewhere appropriate. In this example I will use 'C:\utility' for simplicity
    4. Extract cmdow.exe to the utilities folder you made.
    5. In notepad enter the following and save the file as 'Disable_Update_now.bat' in the same folder as before:-
      @echo off
      cmdow @ /hid
      cmdow @ /ren updatenowdisableprocess
      cmdow "Update now" /DIS
      ping -n 61 >nul
    The loop and delay via 'ping >nul' is because the 'Update now' button becomes re-enabled after each scheduled update operation.

    In notepad enter the following and save this as 'Enable_Update_now.bat' in a safe place since you will need to use this if you wish to re-enable the 'Update now' button without rebooting.:-
    cmdow updatenowdisableprocess /END
    cmdow "Update now" /ENA
    Open the NOD32 Control Center and add a new scheduled task
    1. 'NOD32 Kernel - Execution of an external application' --> 'Next'
    2. Name the task something like 'Disable 'Update Now' Button' and set it to be 'Event triggered' --> 'Next'
    3. Run the task at: 'Every time computer starts' --> 'Next'
    4. 'Run the task as soon as possible' --> 'Next' --> 'Finish'
    5. File: 'C:\utility\Disable_Update_now.bat'
    6. Work Directory: 'C:\utility\' --> 'OK'
    Next time you reboot your PC the utility will be triggered and harmlessly make your 'Update now' button greyed out, thereby preventing any obnoxious and unwanted punishing of the 'Update now' button on your LAN.
    To remove simply disable or remove the scheduled task you've created and reboot. HTH

    Cheers :)
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