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Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by polo, Jun 2, 2002.

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  1. polo

    polo Guest

    Scanned a friend's PC for the first time. Just clicking on My Computer on the left pane to select everything and hit the scan button. Just checking these processes are normal for Windows 95.

    Started memory scan
    Running processes:




    #:4 : C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\mmtask.tsk








    Memory scan result:
    Total modules found:11
    Suspicious modules found:0

    Other than that got "Total components found:0"
    Should Ad-aware be used with some other spyware program for a second opinion? Or it's good enough?
  2. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Clover, SC
    I guess the question that comes to mind here is: If you're coming up clean on an AA scan (and you are definitely using the latest program version and reflist for AA), what's making you still think you may have spyware?

    If it's strange computer behavior or weird outbound message alerts from your firewall, the first thing I would do would be to totally update both my AV and AT programs (both engine - if needed - and definitions), set them to scan as deeply as possible ('All Files' 'All Extensions' and 'Max' heuristics) and see what the result was there.

    If you want to, you can also d/l , install and run the latest beta copy of SpyBot Search&Destroy, from here: (that's a direct download link ). Take the time to study the documentation that comes with that and make sure you set it up correctly.

    Let us know what you find! Pete
  3. controler

    controler Guest

    Altavista's Translation To English

    Information to current beta versions is in the panel!

    The integrated UPDATE function offers the following new recognitions:

    Dialer: HotActionDating
    Dialer: VLoading
    Offered: BargainBuddy
    Offered: BrowserToolbar
    Offered: Cool XXX
    Offered: INetSpeak
    Offered: TopSearcher
    Offered: MarketScore
    Offered: UCmore
    Keylogger: 2Spy!
    Keylogger: Activity logger
    Keylogger: Activity monitor
    Keylogger: Desktop Detective 2000
    Keylogger: IAmBigBrother
    Keylogger: Invisible Keylogger Stealth
    Keylogger: MoM
    Keylogger: SpyAgent
    Keylogger: SpyAnywhere
    Keylogger: WinGuardian

    What are Spybot search & Destroy?

    Again: Version 0.95 (27.04.2002) with the following features:

    New features:
    - updates from the program
    - announcement of version pieces of news in the program
    - Opt out department in the program
    - improved automation (with waiting periods, wait for the end of other programs etc..)
    - announcement of the estimated remainder duration and more information during the Scans
    - re-establishment files are now gezippt, in order to avoid false alarms of other programs.
    - the exception list is now divided after files
    - error reports can be sent away now also with Smtp Authentifizierung
    - import of the addresses for error reports from Outlook & Outlook express
    - progress bars when reading the re-establishment options in
    - languages are loaded now from files
    - Spanish language file
    - Include files contain check sums, in order to warn of strange files
    - a new department with details to the products, which are looked for
    - current programs are terminated immediately, before you are deleted
    - new dummy for Cydoor
    (this is only a short list of the most important pieces of news)
    Behobene error:
    - Logs improves
    - unnecessary providing empty Registryschluessel repaired
    - Explorer windows can be opened also for long file names again
    - progress bars more constantly
    - improvements in safety device and re-establishment
    - deletion of the IE Caches does not delete any more all Cookies
    - to linkages on do not group-end network drive assemblies are ignored
    - the program runs now also without InterNet connection (Winsock problem)
    - the Winsock problem was repaired (separate program and from Spybot s & D)
    - false alarms corrected
    (a complete overview gibt's in the forum)
    again Bots recognized:
    - AdvertBar
    - AllCyberSearch
    - cash bar
    - FlySwat 2 & 5
    - free commodity
    - Hotbar
    - DownloadWare
    - IEPlugin
    - network Essentials
    - TopMoxie
    Improved offering recognitions:
    - Alexa
    - BDE Projector
    - GoHip
    - New.Net
    - more webHancer
    New key logging he recognitions:
    STARTING FROM system Spy 5,0, act ion monitor 1,0,1, AE Covert operation monitor, code name Alvin, GlobalPatrol, Hack'99, Hellz Little Spy, HookDump, IntraSpy, IPXKCR, key board Guardian, Keycorder, Keystroke reporter, KLogger, MDSA Sentinel, NGC PC & InterNet monitor, PC Weasel, Phantom2, pro-offered, Retrieve, Salus, screen logger, SpyCapture, SpyPC, Surfing Spy, Windows Spy Client, Windows Spy server, WinRecon, Win Spy, Winvestigator, XtraKeys WinKey logger
    New customs trace: TO MS RACE
    Version 0.94 (23.03.2002) with the following features:

    New functions:
    - option to overwrite in order at log files to attach (or)
    - mouse-click on the right symbol in the result list opens appropriate file
    - PGP signature examination from the program
    - additional Windows information is added the nose report
    - warning, if Tracking of cookies are set as exceptions
    - external customs trace files now possible
    - a few new information in English assistance file
    Behobene error:
    - number of found problems now correctly counted
    - symbols (Desktop & menu) are adapted, if the program is shifted
    - Backups now optionally, but switched on according to standard
    - improves auto+fixed & auto-CLOSE
    - attitude to include date in file names is now stored
    - external files are now sorted indicated
    - university stable should be properly possible now under each Windows operating system
    - the languages have now your flag apart from the name
    - the Icons left is drawn now without diagram errors
    - the IE Cache is better emptied
    Again Bots recognized:
    - Alexa
    - Attune
    - baking Web Client
    - EverAd
    - Expedioware (dummy still in work)
    - ms Works car Updater
    - WurldMedia
    Improved offering recognitions:
    - BDE Projector
    - BonziBuddy
    - Comet of cursor
    - Dap ads
    - eZula HotText
    - FlashTrack
    - Message Mates
    - n-Case
    - new updates
    - OnFlow
    - Radiate
    - SurfPlus
    - TwistedHumor
    - more webHancer
    - WildTangent
    - ZapSpot
    New customs traces:
    - WinZip
    - WinRAR
    - PSP 5
    Version the 0.93 (12.03.2002) features following with the following Features:mit:

    New functions:
    - all, nothing or a certain product select
    (in the context menu of the results and re-establishment)
    - results in text file store or into the intermediate file copy
    - reference to legal contains now a field, around the window not again of anzuzgeigen
    - during the examination with program start now a progress bar is indicated
    - during the recovery of problems a progress bar is indicated now
    - problems already corrected become now grey, so that they are not again selected
    - in place of the many small windows now only one for language new installation
    - when desired a clay/tone is played, if feeler gauges were found
    - new ones of buttons to provide over Desktopsymbol and starting menu entry and delete
    - bad Cookies is likewise recognized as feeler gauges
    Behobene error:
    - no ' invalid parameter ' more in the DOS box!
    - the Netscape Cache listing is also found, if it were shifted
    - symbols are only put on, if they are not yet present
    - symbols are deinstalliert with
    - the Deinstallieren was improved something
    - after the installation of new languages the program still another second does not have to be started time, in order to indicate these.

    Again Bots recognized:
    - CommonName
    - Direct TV Icon
    - Web3000
    - SexTracker
    Improved offering recognitions:
    - Aureate
    - BDE Projector
    - ClickTillUWin
    - Conducent time-sink
    - Gator
    - GoHip
    - eZula
    - SaveNow
    New customs traces:
    - IE read opened directory
    - Virtual Dub recent file cunning
    Support forum

    Version 0.92 (28.02.2002) with the following features:

    Errors repaired (autostart, language installation, re-establishment)
    Again more recognized offered: New update
    Again more recognized offered: Bonzi Buddy & Bonzi Buddy Web compass
    Again more recognized offered: SaveNow
    Again more recognized offered: Dss agent
    Again more recognized offered: Ms Media Player Client ID
    Improved recognition of ClickTillUWin & Gator
    Version 0.91 (24.02.2002) with the following features

    two new language modules (French and Netherlands),
    with completely translator surface
    New customs traces: WordPad, Paint, ms Office & HTMLedit
    Again more recognized offered: Message Mates
    Again more recognized offered: ClickTillUWin
    Again more recognized offered: Netpal (RespondMiter, Transpoder, Favoriteman)
    Again more recognized offered: FlashTrack
    Again more recognized offered: SurfPlus
    Again more recognized offered: TwistedHumor
    CHIP on-line one has an on-line article over Spyware . There also the Spionschreck SpyBot s & D is mentioned. Quotation: Mission Impossible: Without the Tool SpyBot would be hardly possible the search for Spyware entries in the Registry.
    In addition there is there also an evaluation of Spybot search & Destroy :  (since 0,92 the full valuation!!!!)

    Spybot s & D were on a booklet CD and still again on one will already appear (9/01?)

    From third hand I experienced that the PCgo likewise packed Spybot s & D on a booklet CD.

    And on the Cover CD the expenditure 12/01 the PC
  4. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Clover, SC
    My goodness! :) That was definitely some thorough coverage! Pete
  5. PepiMK

    PepiMK Registered Member

    Mar 6, 2002
    Yeah, but he could have also just clicked on the 'english' button in the panel to the left, and you would have got all that in slightly better english than that of the AltaVista translation machine :) :D
    Thanks anyway for posting the information here!
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