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Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by jedtimmer, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. jedtimmer

    jedtimmer Registered Member

    Sep 10, 2006
    currently, Thailand
    12:31 PM 10-Sep-06


    Was looking for some support on SB and finally found this forum. Was
    actually intending to make some suggestions direct to the source.

    Here's the problem, if any one can advise:

    After having set up "SpywareBlaster / Internet Explorer / Prevent the installation of Active-X based...", I couldn't download a '... .pdf' attachment
    to my received email.

    Another file download from Acrobat kept coming up first for download. It
    looked like some kind of Active X control, I believe. Windows refused to
    download this file, apparently because that type of file was blocked. The
    Windows error message, typically, in it's infinite wisdom, was worthless
    and did not provide any sensible clue.

    I reset some of my options in I/E6 Security, to no avail. Finally I had to
    undo the "SpywareBlaster / Internet Explorer / Prevent the installation
    of Active-X based..." setting.

    This of course removed ALL ACTIVE X protection in the list, which was
    not at all desirable.

    Following this, however, the proper file came up and downloaded OK.

    It would have been helpful to have included a brief message at the
    interface to advise of this kind of side effect, as some users may not
    have a clue as to what to do next under the circumstances.

    I hope the SB Team does not expect users to (1) go thru this procedure
    for each file download and/or (2) browse thru that long, gadzillion-mile list
    and try to find (pretty well impractical, I'd say) the specific ACTIVE-X
    control to be un-ticked.

    A better way to do this might be to have SpywareBlaster come up with a
    sensible option choice message, each time an ACTIVE-X control attempts
    to download, while still keeping the entire list enabled (similar to WinPatrol).

    I've used these types of programs before and had to uninstall them for similar
    reasons. I cannot imagine that SB did not have a ton of similar enquiries
    on the issue, without having at least undertaken some corrective action by now.

    In the meantime, what is one to do to ease the situation?

    (By the way, I did not see a convenient link to SB site or forum at the SpyBlaster interface/menu to make it simple, convenient and fast to submit
    queries/suggestions such as these. But perhaps I'm just not very observant).



  2. abqjudy

    abqjudy Registered Member

    Sep 10, 2006
    I, too, have recently experienced this behavior as a new problem. Wasn't convinced it was a SpywareBlaster problem because I have use this program for quite some time with remarkably excellent results. However, since the recent upgrade, I am blocked from using even desirable or necessary active X programs.

    Changes in IE 6 security settings have been blocked thus I cannot change IE setting to allow the needed programs even with a prompt. I have thought perhaps some other newly installed or updated program was the culprit, but after too much time spent tooking, I can find nothing that blocks the activeX programs or denies the reset of the IE security.

    I hope that some information turns up here soon to alleviate a seriously disappointing inconvenience as suggested by JedTimer.

    Looking forward to some satisfactory resolution of this problem.

    Thanks, JCP
  3. javacool

    javacool BrightFort Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002

    Would it be possible to provide some screenshots of the behavior?

    Also, were you using Internet Explorer to browse a web-based e-mail provider (and if so, which one?) or were you using another program?

    (A note: I have no issues downloading PDF attachments or files here, on any test machines, nor do I have any issues changing IE security settings - which SpywareBlaster does not prevent you from changing. I'd certainly like to get to the bottom of whatever is causing this, but any further details you could provide would be helpful and much appreciated. :))

    Best regards and thanks,

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