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Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by controler, Dec 26, 2002.

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    Well I finialy got my new Actiontec Gateway/Router installed on a small network using hardwire ( CAT 5 )
    This new router is wireless ready. Now I know your first eyebrow raise will be SECURITRY RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is why I would like to share some info on this particular router.
    Note the firewall info and pay attention to the feature called WEB.
    NOTE:WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy)

    Here you go :D

    Wireless Settings
    If you are using Wireless Networking, we recommend that you change the default settings and turn on the WEP encryption. The values you defined on this screen must also be used for all your wireless computers.

    Note: The current default wireless settings for your Gateway are: ESSID is ACTIONTEC, channel is 1, and WEP encryption selection value is Off.

    Click Next to continue.

    WEP: Off 64-bit 128-bit

    NOTE:WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption is an optional security measure for your wireless network.

    Advanced Setup

    WAN IP Address
    Wireless Settings
    LAN IP Address
    DHCP Server
    Services Blocking
    Website Blocking
    VPN Pass Through
    Remote Management
    Port Forwarding
    DMZ Hosting
    Dynamic Routing
    Static Routing
    MAC Address Cloning

    Services Blocking
    To block Internet Services from a computer on your network, enter the computer's IP address below and select the Internet Services that you would like to block.
    IP Address: Blocked IP Address List:

    Internet Services Blocked: Web, FTP, Newsgroups, E-mail, IM ,

    Netmeeting IP: On Off

    Website Blocking
    To block a specific website, please enter the name of the website such as in the space below. Then click the Add button to activate.

    To remove a website from the Blocked Websites List, please select the website and click the Remove button. Click Next to continue.

    Website: Blocked Website List:

    Firewall Security Level
    The default Firewall Security Level is set to "Basic". You can change the Firewall Security Level to suit your networking needs.

    (Note: Once you have selected a security level, all IP traffic except the defaut policies specified will be blocked by the Firewall. Refer to the User Manual for detailed information on Firewall policies.)

    Basic....... This is default setting
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