Acronis True Image 10 Home vs 9.1 Workstation

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by hrq, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. hrq

    hrq Registered Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    Hello All,

    I have been scouring the internet to determine which product to buy to image my laptop hard drive. My #1 concern is reliability of the restore step. It doesn't matter to me how long it takes or what the interface is etc. I don't even need the "mp3, movie, outlook, etc" backup feature of the TI 10 Home edition. I just want *reliable* raw image backup and restoring. It would be nice if the product is able to restore to a different drive than the drive that was initially imaged (as both Acronis TI's can do).

    Based on reading postings in this forum, I have noted many people with the TI 10 Home edition complaining of "corrupt file" error messages when attempting to restore images that they made and verified. I gather from reading older posts that this was an actual bug with TI 9 that was subsequently repaired in a later build. However, this "corrupt file" issue still seems prevalant in the TI 10 release. I have found significantly fewer people complaining of similar issues with TI 9.1 Workstation.

    To be fair, there do seem to be some people with TI 9.1 Workstation who have corruption issues, but there just seem to be fewer issues than with TI 10 Home. Is this because of some difference in the products themselves or are there just fewer TI 9.1 Workstation users (i.e. in existence or reporting their errors)?

    To state it more clearly, my question is: Is it the case that TI 9.1 Workstation is more reliable than TI 10 Home? Specifically, does TI 9.1 Workstation produce fewer corrupt file errors?

    Any insight into this issue is greatly appreciated, by me and by the several other people who are looking now and will be looking in the future for disk imaging software.

    Thank you!

  2. Long View

    Long View Registered Member

    Apr 30, 2004
    Cromwell Country
    I have and use both 9.1 and 10 to make and restore full images. I don't bother
    with any of the fancy stuff like secure zones, incremental, differential, my docs
    etc just full image every time of C: and my data drives.

    I started with version 6 and have not experienced the problems that others have reported with any version. making an image direct to DVD can result in problems.
    A cheap USB or poor cable can result in problems but with after a few weeks of starting imaging I found Acronis so stable that I even stopped verifying prefering to restore an image to make sure it was good.

    I don't know if 9.1 works with vista or if that is important to you. 10 is certainly bloated - with all sorts of marketing led rubbish BUT as I'm not forced to use the rubbish bits I have no problems with 10.

    Some people have had problems but to be fair there are always some people who have problems with any software. You will probably find that you have no issues or any issues that you might have can be solved easily enough. A few weeks ago I bought a new Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse. Using Acronis from within windows was no problem. Using the boot CD and the mouse and keyboard wouldn't work. An email to Acronis and I had an new ISO
    to burn a new disk which worked with Logitech. Over the years some have had problems with new motherboards, sata drives etc. To me this is all perfectly normal.

    Good luck
  3. random110

    random110 Registered Member

    May 16, 2007
    Workstation 9.1 is compatable with Windows Vista.

    I would suggest that Workstation is generally more stable than 10 Home. I think the idea is that Acronis integrates the new features into the Home product to ensure stability and compatability on the broadest set of users.

    Then if it is successful - and stable - they intergrate it into their corporate range, such as Workstation.

    I think regardless of which version, it is important to test your backups, and if you can't do that, verify them (for what it is worth) and try and have two copies if you can spare the space.
  4. dfenn_x384

    dfenn_x384 Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2007
    Hello all,

    I used both home 10 and workstation 9.1. My view is that workstation is more stable and i don't have that much trouble with it at all. Also i should point out that the home version is not for the home user at all. one of my friend finds that there too much features and rather use the workstation version.

    That is my 2 cents
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