Acronis TI Echo Workstation v9.5 Build 8163 Problems

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by jbswift, Oct 14, 2008.

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  1. jbswift

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    Oct 14, 2008
    I've been testing this software throughly for the company I work for and would like some feedback. The administrator PC is running Windows XP Pro SP2 and the remote clients are running Windows XP Embedded 2002 SP2.

    1) When making flash based media restores using the administrator PC local version, at the end of the process, the screens says "Failed to synchronize the hard disk with the operating system". I usually ignore and cancel with reboot since retry produces the same results. After reboot, the media is removed and tested in the industrial PC with no problems. I tried this with a Dell and Toshiba laptop with the same result. I did a similar test with ATI Home v11 Build 8101 on the same computers with no problems. Whats going on here?

    2) The B&R industrial client PCs we use have two ethernet ports. Device 1 is Intel 8255 PCI Adapter and Device 2 is Intel PRO/100 VE. When using the remote connection, you can deploy the agent software to the clients from either ethernet port with no problems. After the agent is installed, you can only connect to the remote client using Device 1. As I read in the forums, this should have been fixed in a previous build. Changing the registry folder "Server" to "Server1" gets Device 2 working, but after disconnecting and reconnecting, the client agent service must be restarted. Why can't I use either port for connecting to the remote computer? We would like to use device 2 as a separate ethernet level to the machines.

    3) When making backups and restores with the remote connection to a network share folder, you must enter the computer name or IP address with path to connect. For some reason, the user name and password login fails to pop up, so I must type this in manually to make a connection to the network. Why is this?

    4) Using bootable rescue media, I cannot get the static IP settings to take as suggested by Acronis support when booting the agent. Any suggestions?

    5) Is Windows XP Embedded supported by this product? For me, it seems to work for the clients.

    If items 1-3 could get resolved, I would consider buying more licenses. Looking forward to all the feedback.
Thread Status:
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