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Discussion in 'Other Acronis Products' started by omnivision, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. omnivision

    omnivision Registered Member

    Jul 17, 2009

    We are having big issues using Acronis Recovery for MS Exchange – Brick level backup of all user mailboxes is not working.

    Server OS: Windows Server 2008 Standard (x64)
    Acronis build: v1.0 (211)
    Exchange Info:
    Version: Exchange 2007 Standard SP1 (with CDO working)
    Mailboxes: 31
    IS Size: 18.6GB (All storage Groups)

    The issue we’re seeing is: The brick level backup task starts, then continues until the process TaskService.exe reaches almost 2GB RAM utilisation, then (very useless non-descriptive) errors are reported in the Acronis log, TaskService.exe crashes, and the backup task halts (ie: a notification email is not sent, and nothing else is reported in the log).

    The errors are:
    Error - Module - Description - Task Running
    4133 (0x5B1025) - 91 - Error while reading `<insert EML path here>` message - Mailbox Backup Task
    2 (0xF0002) - 15 - Failed to get value of type TULong64 from variant value TLong64(“<insert random numbers here>”) - Mailbox Backup Task
    4099 (05B1003) - 91 - Internal Error - Mailbox Backup Task
    2 (0x2) - 0 - Error message is completely blank for this one - Mailbox Backup Task
    10 (0x4000A) - 4 - Error message is completely blank for this one too - Mailbox Backup Task
    1 (0x10001) - 1 - Attempt to use null reference. - Mailbox Backup Task
    8192 (0x5B2000) - 91 - Error while copying MAPI stream - Mailbox Backup Task
    65520(0xFFF0) - 0 - Unknown Win32 error - Mailbox Backup Task
    8192 (05B2000) - 91 - Stream writing error - Mailbox Backup Task
    6 (0x790006) - 121 - Cleaning error - Clean-up Task
    917515 (0x5E000B) - 82 - Clean-up failed. Member invoke failed (This is directly followed in the log by an “ Operation completed successfully” entry) - Clean-up Task

    Meanwhile the full information store backup completes successfully, but does not send an email notification, even though the settings were tested and the test message worked. This piece of software costs a lot of money and at the moment, it’s not doing what is advertised on the box – brick level backup was the reason for the purchase in the first place.

    Any help to resolve these issues would be very much appreciated. If there is any more information you’d like me to gather, please let me know, as I’d like to be able to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.


    Now the information store backup is no longer working. The errors we're seeing are:

    Error - Module - Description - Task Running
    917515 (0x5E000B) - 82 - Backup task failed: Member invoke failed - Information Store Backup
    1002 (0x4103EA) - 65 - Execution of task failed - Information Store Backup
    79 (0xE004F) - 14 - Error on executing bytecode - Information Store Backup
    11 (0xE000B) - 14 - Member invoke failed
    6 (0xA5006) - 165 - Error starting/stopping CDP task '<task id/fingerprint>'
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  2. Demerzel

    Demerzel Registered Member

    Jul 21, 2009
    Check up Exchange topology in AD and check up, whether is not present in Exchange objects of references to the objects remote earlier
  3. omnivision

    omnivision Registered Member

    Jul 17, 2009
    I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean. This is a new installation of Windows Server 2008, with a new installation of Exchange Server 2007 on top of it. All the AD prep was done and seems to work properly for Exchange, just not the backup solution. I've checked AD anyway, and none of my diag tools show any errors.

    @Acronis Support:
    We are an AMPS customer, and getting quite displeased with the length of time I've been waiting for a reply. It's been 11 days and not a peep!
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