About using TAILS + a precaution to observe when using it

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by lotuseclat79, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Jun 16, 2005
    I have noticed when using TAILS the following occurrences:

    Note: The term Clearnet is used to describe Non-Tor access to the Internet below.

    1. Since I disable the network during boot of TAILS while I make some local changes, when I enable the network TAILS will access the Iceweasel (Firefox derivative) home web page via Clearnet while the Vidalia YELLOW Onion icon status exists at the top menu bar.

    2. If I then access the Torcheck link in Bookmarks, even though the Torcheck webpage confirms that the browser is configured to use Tor, it too is accessed through Clearnet while the Vidalia YELLOW Onion icon status exists at the top menu bar.

    3. To confirm that Clearnet is being used rather than Tor for these web page accesses, it is a simple matter to activate the Bandwidth Usage graphic along with the Network Map to see that No Tor access is being made and that even though the Vidalia control panel will give a blue bar to indicate that a Tor connection exists (and the Message Log will indicate that Tor is running), TAILS is not yet ready for prime time access (using Tor) until the Network Map Connection window is NOT emply, and the Bandwidth Usage graph paints Tor access moving across the screen right-to-left. When the Vidalia control panel and the Vidalia icon at the top menu bar indicate a GREEN status, then and only then is it safe to assume that Tor connections under TAILS are fully operational - when the Network Map Connection window fills up with entries, and all indicators mentioned above are GREEN.

    If you access a Clearnet web page before the GREEN status indication is a go, then you will NOT be using Tor for the access and your anonymity will be compromised.

    Note: I have noticed that from the time the Message Log indicates that both Tor is Running and a Tor connection exists during Vidalia YELLOW status, it may take some 5-10 minutes to get a GREEN operational status for using Tor.

    -- Tom
Thread Status:
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