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    Greetings All,

    I want to start off by giving a warm welcome to all of the Wilders Security forum members and a special thanks to Paul and his folks for hosting the Official Leapfrog Software forum.

    Let me start off with a background of how the Immediate System Recovery technology concept originated. I spent a good portion of my career as a process control engineer. It was obvious, or more so inevitable, that industrial automation was heading more toward the Windows platform. We were in a 24/7 environment with little or no allowance for downtime, planned or unplanned.

    You can read more about it here:

    There were plenty of tools to provide a bare metal restore when a hard drive failed, but no means to immediately recover a system in the event of a software issue. In those days, software failures accounted for ~87% of the trouble tickets. In fact, I performed a recent study on this matter and, although today's hardware and software is more reliable, the ratio remains the same. The requirements were simple: 1) take “live” snapshots of a system, 2) no background processing chewing up CPU or disk storage I/O, and 3) instant recovery (no rebuild-required).

    Now that you have a good idea of where this technology came from, you may be wondering why I call it a technology and not a product. Although Leapfrog Software is the creator of the Immediate System Recovery engine, we do not *typically* sell directly to the public. The technology is distributed in 2 ways: 1) we work with a variety of software development partners to OEM to the technology into their solutions and 2) we private labeled the product under various product names.

    For those of you interested in trying out a demo and/or purchasing the product, I have supplied below a link to our direct-to-public vendor:

    Company Name: Horizon DataSys
    Product Name: FirstDefense-ISR

    As a side note: If you require technical support, you will want to contact the respective company from whom you purchased your version. It is also recommended that you visit them from time to time for product updates.

    Although originally designed for the hard-core server and IT environments, we have discovered a myriad of applications for the technology: high availability, software development/sandbox, beta testing, maintaining an optimized snapshot for CAD, video editing, gaming, etc., multiple builds for multiple users, or multiple builds for multiple OS's and so on. We would love to hear from you if you have any new applications for our technology.

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