***A Spyware/Foistware/Adware Rant!***

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by Kinjuru, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Kinjuru

    Kinjuru Registered Member

    Mar 22, 2005
    I am fed up with this spyware/foistware nonsense, the law should be treating ANY business/individual/website utilising these methods, as they would nybody using or writing viruses for malicious purposes! I don't care if it's 'not spyware'
    I don't care if it helps me find 'better deals' I don't care full stop! I don't want it, I never wanted it, don't put it on my computer, leave me ALONE! goawaygoawaygoawayaoawaygoawaygoawayGOAWAYNOW! (*In no uncertain
    terms) I am going to buy a new hardrive disable my firewall and sue every single one of these sites that I get re-directed to, I am going to burn them all.... I find myself wanting to physically and repeatedly visit these companies
    and take a very large sledgehammer and a good supply of molotov cocktails and lay waste to these pathetic, slimy, egregious perpetrators of malicious software use... But I won't, because then they will win...

    What I want to see are law enforcement agencies, at the very least make it completely and totally financially unviable for these so called vendors, to continue trading using these methods. Perhaps by serving a fine of £/$ 1000 per PC infected per instance. The internet has enough trouble with the average 'malicious' crackers using viruses and trojans without, the apparent carte blanche given to companies to use these techniques without penalty! People have gone to prison for less and these 'companies' are getting away with it! It's time to apply the law where the law counts, target the companies where the companies are involved. Terminate their ISP accounts, penalise, imprison and divest them of all trading licenses and privileges. These companies are using advanced viral/trojan code in their so called AdWare, these programs exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses that an average user would get imprisoned for. At the very least they are using terror tactics, duplicitous and borderline fraudulent methods in order to get these 'objects'
    on to our PCs! And whats worse, companies are throwing money at these solutions, advancing beyond all proportion the sophistication of malicious software which can be picked up and used by others in a less than benign fashion regardless of the authors original intention, wether it is to 'raise product awareness' or some other post modern PR'ism.

    A message to the 'Adware' vendors!

    The bottom line is, we don't want it, we want no part of it and despite the all petty manouvering and attempts to classify any of these objects as harmless, we... are... not... fooled. If we want something on the net, we will look for it
    on the net, if we want to download something from the net, we will download it from the net! We, don't want your help and we certainly do not want your programs infesting our computers, period. Stop it, stop it now, before you get eight million people all wanting their compensation for 103 variations of your program on their PC!​
  2. arsechimp

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