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Discussion in 'adware, spyware & hijack cleaning' started by alittlepissedoff, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. every time i type in a n address in my IE address bar i get redirected to some arb search site and therefore not to the intended site... as i'm sure you can imagine this is getting a little tiresome. if anyone has any suggestions they would be GREATLY appreciated

  2. sig

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    Feb 9, 2002
  3. snapdragin

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    Feb 16, 2002
    Southern Ont., Canada
    Hi there, :)

    I have moved your post from the General Forum to here as your problem seems to be related to a possible hijack of your IE.

    Please follow the instructions in this post:

    After you have followed all the steps in the above link, then copy & paste your HijackThis log here in this thread where an Expert will review it and advise you what needs to be fixed. Please do NOT fix anything in HijackThis yourself as most of what it will list will be harmless and even essential to the operation of your computer.



    LOL Hi sig :D I think your post followed the thread when I moved it to this forum
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