$89 Intel 'Compute Stick' Will Come Preloaded w/Linux

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    A few months back, I got a breathless email from an Intel PR rep due to some confusion over a little Chinese-made HDMI PC. Now we know why: Intel was stealthily getting ready to launch one of their own.

    This tiny black stick emblazoned with the “Intel inside” logo isIntel’s Compute Stick. This device isn’t like the Dell Cloud Connect dongle that they took to CES last year, nor is it a copy of Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter. It’s a full PC, capable of running both Linux and Windows, and it’s set to go on sale in the very near future.

    The Compute Stick is actually strikingly similar to the one made by Shenzen Apec Electronics that went on sale in October. Intel is planning to offer two models initially. Both will be powered by a quad-core Atom processor. This one, which will run Windows 8.1 with Bing and comes with 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage, will sell for $149.

    A less expensive version with Ubuntu pre-installed will also be available. It’ll sell for just $89, but the hardware will be stripped down. The Linux Compute Stick will have just 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. That’s still plenty of power for basic computing tasks.

    Both are great options for low-cost plug-and-play computing, and they’re about the cheapest name-brand PCs you’re going to find that can be easily hooked up to a large display (most tablets like HP’s dirt-cheap Stream don’t have integrated video outputs). The Compute Stick could be a great way for schools, public libraries, and other budget-constrained organizations to stretch their technology dollars.