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    Mar 5, 2011

    I switched from another backup utility to Paragon because at first the backups were 1/4 the time. Last weekend I ran a backup with Paragon and it took ~3 hrs for a 120 gig system backup, most of the size is purchased movies. Today I am running a backup and it has taken 7 hrs so far and says that there are 6 hrs remaining and the time remaining is increasing and not decreasing. I deleted the old backup before starting the new backup. The read speed is 47.7 MBps, write speed is 3.6 MBps. I am backing up to an internal drive that has nothing on it but the system backup. System drive is 500gig sata, backup drive is 320gig ide. Windows XP system.

    Could the difference be in checking backup integrity? Or maybe a different compression setting? Last week was a manual scan and this week is a scheduled scan and I don't remember if either were setup for integrity check or what compression setting was used. There has not been any changes to the computer during the week.

    Are incremental backups possible with a full system backup? That might speed things up.


    I use ESET Smart Security and the backup drive is setup to be excluded from real-time scanning.
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