200 Undeliverable E-Mails??

Discussion in 'other security issues & news' started by snapdragin, Apr 24, 2002.

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  1. snapdragin

    snapdragin Registered Member

    Feb 16, 2002
    Southern Ont., Canada
    This is almost looking like something that Klez worm would do but i'm a bit at a loss as to "how" it would be done.

    Here's what i've got.

    i have Netscape as my default email, and basically it's pretty new too since my ISP changed just this past Jan (@Home)....and i don't really use my pc email but for the few exceptions and those usually would involve a purchase that would be of a security program.  i have my email set to request sending out any messages and i always have a copy of sent messages delivered to my "sent folder".

    Well, i haven't sent out ANY messages at all...and i don't keep any email addresses in my address folder.  But when i checked it tonight, i found all these "undeliverables....failure notices....delivery failed...etc.,......and counting."  i'm up to almost 200 failed delivery notices!!  :-/

    i opened one that didn't have an attachment clip on it...but when i opened it sure enough there was an attachment to it (of which i didn't open) and all these undelivered and failed emails seem to be returned to me......and they look like they were addressed from me (i think) ~lol~  and they seem to have quite a bit to do with errr....legs.....and i'm looking like i'm asking the people i am sending these to if they are leg men.... :oops:

    i did a full scan and nothing came up....had WormGuard on too, and also thought i'd scan with TDS-3....but nothing has shown.  i am not sure if this could be a worm attached to the emails (wouldn't doubt it though) or if this is a flood or a spoof?

    i will be calling my ISP in the morning...but thought i might as here and see if anyone else has heard of receiving 100's of "Undeliverable Notices".

    oh the fun of cable  :(
  2. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    Dec 29, 2002
    Clover, SC
    Wow, that's weird!

    I notice you mentioning TDS and Wormguard, but  which AV program are you using? Did you right-click any of the emails (or their attachments) and scan them individually? Pete
  3. Checkout

    Checkout Security Rhinoceros

    Feb 11, 2002
    Funny, but now it's been mentioned, I had a strange supposedly-bounced email yesterday - supposedly from me (which it wasn't) with one tiny porn picture and an executable.  I gave it all the love and attention it deserved....
  4. snapdraginn

    snapdraginn Guest


    Well i called my ISP and was quite impressed with the curtesy and information i received from the man i spoke with.  He mentioned that they have just started receiving reports of this type of spam (scam?) and they are aware of who is doing it and working on a solution to stop it, but since the "Undeliverable" mail is being returned from many many different domains (meaning even one email that went out had MANY cc's in it) and it's difficult to block them being returned to "sender/victim" without blocking legitimate incoming mail too.

    He explained that what seems to be happening is the spammer uses the ISP's name and then goes through the telepone book putting people's last names to it.....hit & miss maybe but the few they do "hit" ends up sending one email out to hundreds of cc's.......times that a few hundred times and.......wooooo!!! ~l~

    He told me how to easily fix it from my end and assured me that no one would lose their connection; that they would always looked closely into it before such actions would be taken, and they are right on top of this :)

    Spy1 (sorry, forgot how to do that "quote" thing once i begin a reply) "I notice you mentioning TDS and Wormguard, but  which AV program are you using? Did you right-click any of the emails (or their attachments) and scan them individually? Pete"

    i did try to right-click when i had one message open but the choice of scanning with anything wasn't available to me.  On this machine i am using McAfee On-line (mostly because i already paid for it awhile back, and not that i don't like it, but i pefer an on-demand scanner too without going on the net each time, so i will be switching to Nod32 on this pc pretty soon.)  i didn't have any options to scan with the right-click for TDS-3 or Wormguard either, so i just kept them on incase anything snuck out of those attachments without my knowing.

    Checkout, if you get any more of undeliverable email, it might be something similiar ?  i hope not, but if it is, my ISP told me that it can be quickly and easily defeated (by reporting it to your ISP) and did also advise that no one clicks on any attachments or links within these types of emails with the good possibility that they probably could contain a virus (always sound advise) :)

    so i am relaxed now and no one's going to be sending me tons of emails asking me what my legs look like ~laughing~  ;)   hummm....yeah, that's what i want!~LOL~

    (one problem though....i can't access my mail account.  i knew it was too easy but i am sure they will fix it tomorrow ~hopes~, and i can't stay logged in here or edit my profile now...and i am logged in, even if it looks like i am not....ooh admin!?)
  5. snowman

    snowman Guest


                sorry to hear of your problem....I've had much the same problem for a couple of years.....each day brought hundreds of e mails......my ip was no help.

                you may want to take a look a mailwasher in the free tools here at wilders......

                  wishing you well

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