WSA as Anti-Executable?

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by ams963, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member


    Can WSA be configured to work as a n Anti-Executable? If so how to configure it like that?

    Best Wishes,
  2. Nightwalker

    Nightwalker formerly: xXDarkStalkerxX

    Heuristics > Warn when new programs execute that are not trusted.

    I think this is the setting that you want.

  3. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Yes it is but lots of pop-ups though! ;)

  4. STV0726

    STV0726 Registered Member

    That's still not really an anti-executable though. It's WSA in whitelist mode...

    ...If anything I'd call it an anti-NEW executable.

    Use sofwtare restriction policy with WSA to get the effect you're really longing for.
  5. Dark Shadow

    Dark Shadow Registered Member

    A True 100 percent Anti=Excutable Faronics AE:D
  6. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    thx a lot...that indeed seems like a near AE feature......
  7. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    I will handle it.....
  8. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    and how do I use this software restriction policy?.....can you guide me?
  9. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

  10. Zorak

    Zorak Registered Member

    This guide here is a good one:

    Software Restriction Policies (SRP) are not for everyone, I suggest you do a bit of research first so you can understand what is involved and decide if it is for you or not. It is a very effective way of securing a PC however. There are plenty of threads about SRP here on Wilders posted by people with far more knowledge than I. There is also a neat little program called PGS by Wilder's member Sully which can enable SRP for unsupported versions of Windows.

    Hope this helps!
  11. ams963

    ams963 Registered Member

    it says 'You can't use Software Restriction Policy if you have Windows XP Home Edition and Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home and Starter versions either' I can't use it on my xp......but it's good for my win 7 thx a lot.......also the guide said if I cannot use SRP on XP then I can either use Limited account or Sandboxie or DropMyRights...........since I got sbie....I'll use it on xp...thx again......
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