WRData folder in WSA Complete

Discussion in 'Prevx Betas' started by Dermot7, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    YW :) ...I'll look out for it.
  2. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

    Just checked the new v8.1.0.92, and not fixed, yet. ;)
  3. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    :ouch: I'll make sure it's in the next one! :)
  4. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

  5. Baldrick

    Baldrick Registered Member

    Hi All

    Have received some feedback, from a Webroot source, via the Webroot Community re. the wrdata folder 'issue', and which I reproduce here after asking permission to do so as I think that it will help clarify what is going on here. Please note that I have been asked to make sure that it is understood that this is an initial view and so it's subject to change.

    "The WRData folder (Located under the appropriate System App Data location for the OS) contains the operational parameters of the software as well as all working sets. For AV, it contains all quarantined files as well as all journalling information from unknown/monitored processes, configuration, logs, etc. With WSAE and WSAC it also contains the Sync/Backup and Password components repsectively.

    Quarantined data is obviously kept until deleted from Quarantine. All Logs and Journalling data is kept for a time period and then automatically cleaned up. This cleanup can be triggered by age and also by the unknown items being registered as Good. Upgrade installs will never clean this up, since the Journalling data is critical to the ability to roll back infection actions in the case of an unknown being determined to be bad.

    If you pkg directory is Big, that is the Extra Stuff (Password and Sync). It should normally start at about 70-80 MB for a WSAC installation and is primarily affected by sync data.

    If your dbl.db file is getting Very Big, that is quarantine.

    If your dbp.db file is Really Big, much stuff is being monitored. You can ask Support for assistance with cloud determinations specifically for your PC. This data is cleaned up automatically as well.

    Huge ace files mean that really-complicated threat actions were rolled back

    I hope that this helps/is of use.



    Mods: If I have transgressed the rules re. doing the above then please delete & advise. :)
  6. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    It's great Balders and from an official source! ;)

  7. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

    Had to do a clean install again earlier (of WSA-E ,on W8 CP) since saw WRData had "swollen" again, and after only a month (but must bear in mind the info Baldrick kindly provided), and today's increase in size seemed surprising. Now back to a couple of MB again. This growth in size needs to be controlled/addressed, perhaps?


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  8. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    This is normal and part of the change journaling within WSA which stores previous copies of files in case an untrusted process is eventually found as malicious. If you write into our support team, they should be able to whitelist your software to prevent these from growing :)
  9. Dermot7

    Dermot7 Registered Member

    Ok thanks, have been experimenting a bit with heuristics settings etc lately, to get it more the way I want.
    Could try your advice about whitelisting software also, as often trying some perhaps less-common apps, thanks :)
  10. szaki2

    szaki2 Registered Member

    I have 1.8G Wrdata. If im sure i not have infection can i purge it somehow?
  11. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    Do a clean reinstall! Uninstall reboot download a fresh copy from here [FONT=&quot]http://anywhere.webrootcloudav.com/zerol/wsainstall.exe and install and also make sure you have a copy of your license key before doing so!

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  12. szaki2

    szaki2 Registered Member

    I send wsalog then reinstall i think. I help maybe found something in logs to help fix this. Thanks for link :)
  13. Triple Helix

    Triple Helix Webroot Product Advisor

    So you are in contact with WSA support inbox? They will fix you up! ;)


  14. Tarnak

    Tarnak Registered Member

  15. szaki2

    szaki2 Registered Member

    Support fix wrdata folder with uninstall-reinstall but i get serious backup and sync problems. That database problem too serious for them. :(
    Maybe sb know what is this?
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