Windows 8 - Looks really awsome

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by aigle, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. SweX

    SweX Registered Member

    Isn't it just that it looks a little too much like a smartphone UI :doubt:
  2. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    I've seen some screenshots over Sandboxie forum, and I WISH they bring the damn old Start Menu back!

    If it's going to stay like that, I won't spend a damn cent with Windows 8. Maybe with Windows 9 or whatever they'll smarten up.

    MetroUI is good for tablets and all that, but for a desktop... :mad:

    I mean, look at all the steps user SnDPhoenix had to take to get cmd line! Insane. o_O

    Don't take me wrong, I'm not against evolution, but that's not evolution... If it is requiring a few steps to get a bloody application I could get in just two steps, I don't call that evolution, at all.

    I just hope Microsoft changes it enough to be usable. :thumbd:
  3. PoetWarrior

    PoetWarrior Registered Member

    I'm just glad I found out how to bring back Windows 7 classic start menu with the reg edit because I started the morning thinking about returning to Windows 7.
  4. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    Yeah it's so hard. If you're on the desktop in 8, all you have to do is hit the windows key on your keyboard, type cmd, and hit enter. Wait, that's the exact same way it works in 7 :x
  5. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

  6. m00nbl00d

    m00nbl00d Registered Member

    Interesting. The user over Sandboxie's forum mentioned that by clicking the Start Menu, he/she would be taken to Start Screen. I thought pressing the Windows key would have the same effect? It seems not.

    So, by pressing Windows key is possible to write what we want. Unlike clicking on the Start Menu. Which the user has to click Search, scroll down to Apps, click Apps and search for the app.

    Are those the needed steps or can it be shortened?


    But, that's just a sligh issue, though, if all those steps are required. The bigger issue to me is the mixture of MetroUI and old UI. I simply dislike the task bar, with that black box and Windows icon there, and then introducing that green rectangles... It's ugly.
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  7. xxJackxx

    xxJackxx Registered Member


    Still can't figure out how to close a running app when started from the startup screen. Only way I could find to shut the thing down was to click on Explorer and then hit Alt+F4. Or send a shutdown from the VirtualBox menu.
  8. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    Yes it does have the same effect, but once in the start screen you can type in any app you want just like you could with the start menu. Windows key>type paint>enter. Nice and simple like 7.


    If for whatever reason you're struggling to locate your app, hit escape, and you can browse them:

  9. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    You can just switch back and still gain the other benefits of the OS lol

    anyways, metro UI is quite nice in my opinion

    EDIT: Ah, Funky's got that haha yeah it's incredibly easy to open an application... it's literally just as easy as windows 7, the start bar now takes up a full screen instead of 1/4th of one
  10. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    Maybe an early smartphone. It certainly doesn't look like a recent UI, I have a better name for it: Retro UI :D I won't judge the OS functions themselves, as I don't have a copy. But that UI looks like trash to me, like a fresh install without a proper graphics driver trash.
  11. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

  12. dw426

    dw426 Registered Member

    Not once you start opening it up, it isn't. Anyway, my personal opinion is that it's ugly as hell and it needs changing. But, I'm not the only user in town, so there ya go.
  13. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Registered Member

    One youopen the start bar it's fairly different but the functionality is the same. I personally don't have my start bar open too often.

    That's just my opinion.
  14. zfactor

    zfactor Registered Member

    To get back the old start menu, Rename shsxs.dll in System32 folder to shsxs.dll.old log off, log back on, normal windows start menu

    you can also go to using regedit and modify

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Explorer

    change value of RPEnabled from "1" to "0"

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  15. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    New UI looks pretty good, i would just minmize ribbon (the only feature i dont LIKE from the ones i know) :D
  16. zfactor

    zfactor Registered Member

    i HATE metro myself
  17. Ocky

    Ocky Registered Member

    He..he..he .. Looks like some of you are experiencing the same dilemma a lot of Ubuntu users are with Unity and Gnome 3.

    I see bsod has changed from black to blue sans stop codes. The boot manager where you select which OS to boot from is also changed.


    boot man.png
  18. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

  19. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

  20. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Nice pics, so now there are no more BSOD's!!! OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOOO :D :D
  21. Martijn2

    Martijn2 Registered Member

    I have installed Win8 on my lappy and must say that its pretty stable for now. The new metro ui is something everyone must get used to, but here are my cons for now: 1) switching between desktop/metro applications is annoying when you have multiple programs, it should give you a list rather than switch "randomly". 2) The login screen is to touch-focused (swiping the wallpaper up feels weird with a mouse). 3) it's difficult to find the shutdown/restart button :D 4) I have no idea how to shutdown a metro application except through taskmanager.

    Remember, this is a pre-beta build, a lot will most likely change ;)
  22. PJC

    PJC Very Frequent Poster

    I hope they are listening to...:doubt:
    I hope they make modifications...:doubt:
  23. ziaul

    ziaul Registered Member

    Even, I am having trouble finding my way around this new UI. It is good for tablets, but PC's, I am not sure. Maybe with time we might get used to it.

  24. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    I think so many people are complaining without even reading the details. Metro UI is basically for tablets. Anyone wants traditional UI, he will be able to get it in the final build.
  25. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    If it does end up that way, I hope they "metro up" the standard start menu.
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