Windows 7 Firewall Control v. 5.0

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by majoMo, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. majoMo

    majoMo Registered Member

  2. darts

    darts Registered Member

    Did anybody test this one already?


  3. zip

    zip Registered Member

    It seems to me that Windows 7 Firewall Control Free accomplishes the same as

    WinPatrol and UAC. And vice versa. Yes or no?
  4. FadeAway

    FadeAway Registered Member

    I run WinPatrol Plus - have for years. It's
    basically an IDS with some file and registry protection,
    and the ability to block and reverse new start-up programs,
    browser add-ons, ActiveX, etc.

    Win 7 FC free is an overlay program for the Windows firewall
    that allows a limited degree of control over apps seeking
    outbound/inbound network access. It does not control apps
    trying to modify windows OS like UAC.

    See their website FAQ for details:


    I tried the new free version on W7 x64. Seems to be about
    the same as the previous version.
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  5. EboO

    EboO Registered Member

    Same here, any changelog ?
  6. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

  7. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    TinyWall and Windows Firewall Control is much better than this.
  8. FadeAway

    FadeAway Registered Member

    Do you mean the free version? Or the full paid version?

    Why are they better?
  9. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Both. AFAIK, Windows 7 Firewall Control actually needs a restart for an application to be able to access the internet once you allow it. TinyWall offers an easy way to add rules to application and the developer is continually developing it for people without knowledge to use Windows Firewall. For the Windows Firewall Control, if you look at it in the other thread, the author will release a new product soon, and it has lots of improvement. You should give both a try ;)

    Oh and as stated above, it jumps to version 5 without MAJOR changes or improvements. Lame.
  10. FadeAway

    FadeAway Registered Member

    I have not tried either yet, but will do so based on your comments.

  11. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    this issue was solved with version 4, or 4.1 - its long ago i noticed it.
    anyway some programs are programmed to display an errer if they dont
    gain access immedeatly.
    is three times cheaper at all - not my favorite but it offers more covenience
    as the built-in windows firewall.
    as i linked the firewall it self has minor improvements but they made it
    network usable - i can gain access to myself (ok, not really funny)
    but if XP has it installed i can work remote on W7FC on XP.
    The Server-Version - called now "Network/Cloud edition" has the ability,
    to do more this - "cloud" here is the wrong term, just a hype.
  12. adrenaline7

    adrenaline7 Registered Member

    does tinywall a way to create rules for windows firewall or is it an full blown firewall and you disable the firewall? skudo12's post makes me think its just an interface like windows firewall control is but not sure.

    Looks like Windows 7 Firewall Control offers quite a bit for free? Anyone prefer it to windows firewall control or care to compare the two for us? I have WFC installed but haven't donated the $10 to fully tinker with it yet or had time to really read the 29 page WFC thread.
  13. Legendkiller

    Legendkiller Registered Member

    well i tried it and it has two irritating features in free version : option to minimize the app
    2. It has an option to remove it from system tray, but if you do so, it will block "by default" internet access to all new programs henceforth.
    This default setting cannot be changed.
  14. IvoShoen

    IvoShoen Registered Member

  15. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

  16. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    Maybe I'll try it if it's fixed. Thanks for the info :D
    EDIT: I've read this in other discussions regarding Windows 7 Firewall Control
    What are the features left when the trial version expired? Do you know it Brummelchen?
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  17. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    sorry, i never had this situation.
  18. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    The developer you can use the Plus version indefinitely but you are going to have a registration alert. I'll try the free version. :D
  19. kupo

    kupo Registered Member

    I take back what I said, this is actually pretty good. :D.
  20. majoMo

    majoMo Registered Member

    Info for free version users (XP or Seven):

    . "The Free version blocks any initial network access attempts of the "system" applications, forcibly/implicitly sets "EnableAll" zone."

    . It "display the block window on all "system" programs as a notification that a program in the windows folder structure is accessing the network. Even though the program cannot be disabled (enableall readonly still defaults)".

    . It blocks easily outgoing connections annoying, like AskToolbar/OpenCandy based installers.
  21. majoMo

    majoMo Registered Member

    Info for XP users "Windows 7 Firewall Control" about:
  22. bbp12

    bbp12 Registered Member

    Can someone answer a question about the "registration" license code with SphinxSoftware's "Windows7FirewallControl 5.0 Plus"? It looks like it is a 2-way "activation" type of registration process. When the program is installed, it generates a unique code that needs to be sent to SphinxSoftware so they can send back an unlock code.

    Then, if you ever re-install on cleaned system, would need to go through "activation" process again. It is not just a serial number linked with my purchase that I could keep using even if SphinxSoftware went out of business?

    Is my thinking correct?
  23. alexandrud

    alexandrud Developer

    Your thinking is correct. But, if a software developer goes off the business, it should provide a free version, or another way to register your software again.
  24. The Red Moon

    The Red Moon Registered Member

    i tried this yesterday and i wish i hadnt to be honest.
    The interface was confusing and it blocked everything in its path.
    Plus that horrible noise when it blocked was just too annoying.
    This is definately not for inexperienced firewall users like me.
    I went straight back to comodo which is more user friendly.:argh:
  25. Brummelchen

    Brummelchen Registered Member

    w7fc is definitely easier than comodo - word. and it is equal with functionality to any other standalone firewall - even comodo.

    ps w7fc went 5.0.3 beta - improvements are only for server build
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