Why no 'save entire folder contents' option?

Discussion in 'Returnil Betas' started by Think-eDesign, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Think-eDesign

    Think-eDesign Registered Member

    Great product guys :)

    I have only started using the 2010 Beta as a 'home' version Beta tester & then today as the 'trial' version, (for File Manager's 'Define List' option), & my biggest single gripe, (& about only gripe), is that there should be the following options in available to us in 'File Manager':

    1. Add file (present)

    2. Add folder (present)
    (& I understand that Returnil sees files & folders as 'unique objects' but still there should be a third option):

    3. Add folder complete with all files & subfolders

    Surely since we are the ones adding we should know that we want all files if selecting this third option?

    An example where not having that option is a real pain :mad: is Mozilla Thunderbird.

    To save would require saving 455 files in the Profile > Mail folders
    (C:\Documents and Settings\<i>username</i>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\kxpmur47.default\Mail)

    Not pretty! :'(

    Surely there is a better way or the above option should be included?

    Once again, gut great product guys. :thumb:

    I have replaced Sandboxie, Avast Home, Spybot (TeaTimer & IE Helper), & SpywareBlaster with one great product. :thumb:

    But the above needs attention - unless I have missed something?
  2. Think-eDesign

    Think-eDesign Registered Member

    Well not quite :(

    Win XP Pro SP3 (validated & fully 'updated') 2.8ghz Intel P4 CPU, 1.5gig RAM - no av product installed while using 2010.

    Not only did my CPU using often go to 100% (usually around 50% - 67%)

    but my core temperatures spiked dramatically - I'm talking hit 70C before I ordered a shutdown.

    Process Explorer verified it was 2010 that was the CPU hog.

    Un-installed 2010 & walla temp back down to 45 - 47C

    Installed 2008 personal (free) - CPU still sits around 47C

    Process Explorer shows CPU running at around 90% idle now as well & that is with Avira Antivirus free running in conjunction with 2008.

    Until the CPU hog/temp issues are fixed &, (for me), the "Why no 'save entire folder contents' option?" there are now, (sadly), some major issues
  3. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    Yeah I thought it was kind of dumb just not be able to add just a folder. Waste of time having to also add every file. So that makes adding folder useless.
  4. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    Have you tried saving a folder with file changes in it to see what happens?

    Whenever I've tried this, all of the changes to files within the folder that have occurred during the virtual session have been saved to the real system - and yes, I know this is not the official description of how it's supposed to work, but I'm curious to know if you get the same result.
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