What OS does your cellphone have?

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What OS does your cellphone has?

  1. Android

  2. iOS

  3. BlackBerry OS

  4. Symbian (All variations including S40)

  5. Windows

  6. Bada

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  7. Feature Phone (Specify Make/Model)

  8. Other (Specify)

  1. guest

    guest Guest

    I updated Nokia N8 with latest version of Symbian (called Symbian Belle) released this year. It truly looks like another phone now, there are changes everywhere.
  2. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    When i used it it was before Nokia released the latest Symbian updates and it really sucked i guess it changed a lot now. :D
  3. x942

    x942 Guest

    Lol. I would have to say because it has the best hardware and ICS support of any phone. The Galaxy Nexus has ICS but the hardware is lacking if you ask me, it runs so much smoother on the GSII. The Dev community is also way bigger which is a huge plus as I flash roms all the time.
  4. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Im waiting ICS for mt Galaxy SII, although mine is the international version (9100) it is from a carrier so i have to wait until they release the official update. :/
    You may wonder why i dont flash it, well it is because if i replace the original version i will not be able to recover it, i already looked through all xda database abd they do not have my carrier version xD
  5. x942

    x942 Guest

    You could do a nandroid backup and restore but you would still have a custom recovery. Although if it's warranty you're worried about i've never had issues even leaving custom roms flashed. Each to their own though :p Once ICS is out in NA I bet the stock versions will be posted on XDA.

    I have the I777 (AT&T) version which I flashed to an ICS rom. Works quite well now the Dev's have sammy's source code. =)

    Not going to lie TouchWiz is the only skin I can stand on Android besides stock. Sense is to slow, Motoblur looks too iphone-ish and sony.. Well it's sony. lol
  6. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    I hope they release the ICS soon for my phone :D

    Regarding the GUI i don't like TouchWiz much, since the first day i got this phone i've always had GoLauncher installed, RULES! :D
  7. Sherlock_Holmes

    Sherlock_Holmes Registered Member

    Luckily i have the international version of S2 and i am enjoying the custom ICS rom . Its uber smooth and uber sexy . Cant go back to gingerbread now
    and i just hate touchwiz because if u have too many apps its a pain to swap swap swap to different pages also its too iphonish
    Even i was sold on go launcher but with ICS i used apex launcher [ modified ics launcher ] and m using that only
    Not to mention i can also use chrome on ics ... blows all other browsers
  8. x942

    x942 Guest

    Shouldn't be long! I must say the new touchwiz is much better. I am using a custom rom though and now using Apex launcher so the only "toucwiz" is the icons which I do think look better. No bloat on this rom either =)

    Lucky! I wish I got the International version! Although my version seems to get ports pretty fast thankfully. I went back to GB after have a GNex and that was like going to a feature phone. It felt terrible. I can't live on GB any more. The folder system was absolute crap too!

    Chrome is awesome on ICS same to Apex. Love Apex. I can't wait for CM9 to be more stable. Use Phone-Bricker right now. What rom you on?
  9. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    For folks like me who aren't on the phone all day there's Tracphone. I use an LG800G touch pad phone that they sell that has just enough features to get everything I need done. The phone is $50 plus minutes.:)
  10. Sherlock_Holmes

    Sherlock_Holmes Registered Member

    Yeah me too waiting for cm9 to get stable..hope so its not like cm7 for S2:cautious:
    I am currently on sensation beta rom for ics , waiting for checkrom ics and then will switch over to it
    Which rom are u on ? there are just too many custom ics roms for S2 to try
  11. tobacco

    tobacco Frequent Poster

    Samsung Galaxy 550 (PAYG) running Froyo 2.2. Bricked it twice :oops: trying to upgrade so this is where it's staying :D

    This phone gets minimal use now however since purchasing the Samsung Media Player 5.0 (2.3.5 gingerbread) which i not only use for video Skype but can be used to make and receive free local/long distance calls to most areas in Canada to any cellphone/landline through a free app that gives you a free local phone number.

    ICS is being ported for this PMP as we speak and if root-able, will definitely give upgrading a go.
  12. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Hahaha actually i mentioned previously that the only thing that i do on my phone is chat every now and then. (Saves me the minutes :D)
    I got 0 Games installed, 0 Songs, 0 Videos, 0 Movies, NOTHING!

    The things i do the most on my phone are:
    1. Chat
    2. Make and receive calls
    3. Use the browser (Usually to check what movies are in the theaters or look for restaurants, love eating in good restaurants)
  13. x942

    x942 Guest

    Check rom is pretty nice. I am using an ICS rom for my I777, It's called Phone-Bricker (sorry if I'm not supposed to link to other forums). Bad name I know but epic rom. It has touchwiz still but uses Apex instead. So you get some of the nice icons and widgets from TW but no bloat or overlay. I don't know if it's for the international SII.

    That PMP is really nice I was going to get one and replace my ipod touch but now I'm addicted to Rdio and Ubuntu one for stream music I don't bother. My phone only has 16GB of storage but I have Rdio for music I don't "own" and Ubuntu one with all my CD's uploaded. Over 30GB of music on Ubuntu One :D

    Wow! Why such an expensive phone! :rolleyes:
  14. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    Well before this phone i had 2 previous phones, the first one was the Nokia 1200 (The most basic thing on earth) and the second one was a Nokia XperssMusic 5310 (A feature phone my bro gave me when he changed it).
    It was all fine until one day someone gave me a deal that i couldn't resist, brand new SGS II for about $300.00 less than the market price, i just had to buy it man and on top of that i always wanted one but was waiting for the right deal. :D
  15. Sherlock_Holmes

    Sherlock_Holmes Registered Member

    Oh so phone bricker is a name of a rom..lol..and good i checked ur link coz in the bugs it has mentioned that go sms will double message and i was thinking its my custom rom problem and so i changed it yesterday night .. looks like have to wait for a fix from go sms
  16. icr

    icr Registered Member

    O2 quite old but does its work, will be buying Note or something more exciting if it comes by :D
  17. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    I should have mentioned that Tracphone gives you triple minutes on this phone, so I get a 1 year deal with 1200 minutes, which is more than I'll use. The features I'll use are the calendar I can configure to show appointments etc., the calculator, internet, contacts, texting, and camera, so far. No games, songs, or movies for me either.
  18. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    I used to work in customer service and never really knew what were TracPhones.
    The only reason i text and call a lot is . . . well my girlfriend. :rolleyes:
    If we exclude the minutes/messages i use to talk to her i almost never use my phone :D :D
  19. tobacco

    tobacco Frequent Poster

    Yes it is - i have the 8GB version with the option of adding up to a 32GB card. It's my understanding that 64GB cards can be made to work as well.

    My next future purchase will be the new ARCHOS 8" Tablet (wish to remain portable) that comes with ICS 4.0.3. It not only offers a 250GB "hard drive" version but is one of the few android devices to come with "USB Host" enabled offering a "true" line out ;)

    That must of taken awhile to upload :D
  20. funkydude

    funkydude Registered Member

    The max for free is 5GB and the max for paid is 20GB, you're paying for 2 accounts? That's $80 a year, wow... especially when better services exist.
  21. x942

    x942 Guest

    Lol no user error is more like it :p 20GB is correct. I was thinking about my Box.net account where I have 50GB Free. Also it's the only available in Canada that supports uploading and streaming your own music.
  22. Noob

    Noob Registered Member

    All hail Android :D
  23. jitte

    jitte Registered Member

    I've never owned a cellphone. I'm just not that popular... :p

    I've never had a credit card or a flu shot either.
  24. twl845

    twl845 Registered Member

    Are you on the run? :D
  25. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    So what are your findings? what you think is the best Android and why? Please do tell us.
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