What are your must haves?

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Lost_Prophet, Apr 7, 2002.

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  1. Lost_Prophet

    Lost_Prophet Registered Member

    As an experienced computer user, but new to Windows XP, I'd like to know what you all consider your "must have"  and "why" software packages in terms of:

    1. Security
    2. Privacy
    3. Browsing experience (ad blockers, etc)
    4. System maintenance
    5. Anything else you think worthy of a mention.

    I'm mostly interested in XP stuff, I'm starting to research this for my whole family.
  2. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    *Deleted your double-post as per your request. When you just click on your post and read it, isn't there a link to click on to remove it down under the post box itself? Or is that just on mine as a mod? Pete

    Oh, yeah, XP-AntiSpy: http://www.xp-antispy.org/ (click on the link for the English version).
  3. FarCry

    FarCry Registered Member

    ZAP or Outpost Pro runs fine. I use one or the other, depends on my mood.
    They both offer Plug-Ins such as Ad and Pop-Up stopping, Cookie Control and Mobile Code.

    I use NAV2002 as my AV.
    NOD32 needs to change its interface before I will use it.

    BOClean runs Resident and Trojan Hunter is On Demand.

    RegRun3 is a must have, it alerts you to changes in the StartUp area and even more importantly it alerts you to changes in Services.

    XP-AntiSpy is a must have also.
    Don’t Panic is a good program if you have people walking around you all the time.
    Folder Shield or Privacy maker for securing folders.

    I use IEClean, Window Washer, and WinBrush for cleaning Temp files Etc...
    CleanReg3 and Registry Compressor Pro for the Registry.
    I use DisKeeper for Defragging.
  4. luv2bsecure

    luv2bsecure Infrequent Poster

    This is always fun because until someone asks, I don't even realize how important something is!

    For me, first things first, the program that allows everything else to function properly. Hands-down for me, my #1 "must-have" is EASY DESKTOP. It is Windows the way Windows should be. It's a fairly big program in "pockets" around the country but they don't have a huge ad budget. One of the guys on TechTV is a huge fan, but I have to be the biggest! I have to be - I couldn't face the deluge of icons and the maze of Windows without it. You can download a full 30-day, fully functioning trial copy at the Microseconds website.
    You have TEN screens just like the one below. You can configure each button to do anything (launch a program, website, file, etc.) I have everything organized under Labels like "Security" "Anti-Virus" (Where I'll have my program, plus a button or two to virus information sites, etc.) "Privacy" "Forums" "Product Support Sites" "System Utilitities" "Word Processing" "Graphics" "Freeware Sites" "Frequently Accessed Documents" "eBay Auctions I'm Watching" "Favorite Photographs"  -- you get the idea. Everything in Windows is a click away. Look at this screenshot carefully and then trek on over to MicroSeconds!


    The rest are in no particular order:

    "Express Assist 2000" for a quick 30-second backup of all of my Outlook Express folders, rules, etc. To change computers or after a reinstall, "Express Assist" makes it a snap.

    "Drive Image 5.0" to always have a clean, fresh copy of win98se configured just the way I want it, minutes away. My program files and data are on a separate partition. It allows me to "play around" and restore the image to its "pristine" state.   http://www.powerquest.com/driveimage/

    "Kremlin" for particular and specific encryption duties.  http://www.kremlinencrypt.com/

    "DriveCrypt" AND "BestCrypt" for heavy encryption duties.  www.drivecrypt.com and  http://www.jetico.com/bcrypt7.htm

    "StealthDisk" for the hiding of folders AND PROGRAMS. Great little program.

    "Window Washer" (just out with a brand new version) or "IEClean" for scrubbing after surfing.   http://www.nsclean.com/ieclean.html  

    "JV16 Power Tools" for a great registry clean-up, startup manager and lots more.

    "Eraser" for wiping single files, free space, or a whole drive. (The whole drive obviously from DOS). Best part is it's a free program but includes lots of configurations including using DOD 3-pass, 7-pass and Gutmann.

    "WinRAR" for zipping, unzipping in all formats. Awesome program that includes not the easy-to-crack password protocol for WinZip, but real, true-blue 128 bit encryption using AES.

    Others: AdAware, SpyBotSD, PGP, Cookie Cop, Backup Magic, (the easiest backup program around), Password Safe for storing password info in 128 bit encryption.

    That was fun. There's mine. With Easy Desktop having to be my absolute must have.

    Good luck!

  5. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    jaw drops


    luv2bsecure, would you come to my house?!
    bring your pc!
    and your software! ~LOL~

    spy1...thank you for that link!
    when i turned on my pc tonight the usual Generic Hosts wanted to contact MS but i sat back and stared when my "disc detector" felt homesick and wanted to call them too!!! ~LOL~

    i d/l'ed that program and going to recommend it to anyone i know that's got XP (once i've tested it on mine) ;)

    security must have...mmm...winamp! (music has a soothing secure feeling to it)

    i guess really though i would probably say a router w/firewall for anyone that's on cable....then just about everything everyone recommends here! Yup! :)
  6. spy1

    spy1 Registered Member

    snapdragin - You're quite welcome. That's the only easy-to-use program I've heard about that consistently works well and does what it's supposed to with XP.

    I'm probably not going to ever get XP (unless it's right before M$ comes out with whatever their next OS is - it'll probably take them that long to get it right/secure) - right now my plan is (if either of my current OS's go belly up) to install W98 (not SE) with the Service Pack, which I've already gotten.
  7. snapdragin

    snapdragin Administrator

    thought i'd try that quote thing (hope it worked.)  if it worked...Thanks for the help! :) (if it did...back to the Test Forum i go.)

    i really didn't want to get XP just yet, kinda wanted to wait for the SE of it...but i kinda killed my aging Win95 and it was gonna cost almost as much to re-build as it would to buy a new one....so here i am again, relearning all the files and what they do and what i don't want them to do.  i would have prefered another Win98SE but, thought i'd give this a try :)

    i haven't had a chance to even read about the program xp-antispy, i've been trying to figure out which anti-cookie program would work best.....i'm starting to have cookie nightmares!! and i can't make up my mind which one would be most compatible with XP and easy to get up and started but still capable of doing more once i am ready for it (usually within 2 weeks i want it to do more.)

    just adding this in since it is a question of our favourite must-haves......with the damage spyware/malware can do to a pc today, i think one of the MUST-HAVES would be an good anti-spyware (looks at her d/l time for her Ad-AwarePlus...95% finished)  i really hope they don't reset the page again...(groan)..but it's worth waiting for!!!  (got the SpyBlocker too!)  Good thing i love tutorials and reading manuals!! hehehe
  8. puff-m-d

    puff-m-d Registered Member

    MY must haves....
    1.) anti-virus: NOD32
    2.) anti-trojan: TDS-3.2.1
    3.) anti-worm: Worm Guard
    4.) firewall: Kerio Personal Firewall
    5.) e-mail client: The Bat!
    6.) script protection: Script Sentry
    7.) proxy/filter: Proxomitron
    8.) registry protection: DCS RegistryProt
    9.) adware and spybots: Lavasoft Adaware and SpybotS&D
    10.) internet tracks: Internet Sweeper
    11.) registry and misc. file tools: jv16 PowerTools
    12.) sniffer: Ethereal
    13.) cookie management: Cookie Pal
    14.) defragmenting: Diskeeper
    15.) IE bug fix/cache manager: Cache Sentry
    16.) monitor files for changes: NISFileCheck

    Man, I did not even realize my list was this long!!!!!!

  9. I am a visitor to your forum. I was given a link here to look at this board on must have tools. There are some good lists here for people like me and others in my office who  know we need help but don't know what we need. Computer security is something that  intimidates me. Its all Greek. Wish there was an all in 1 solution. One thing I saw on that page that was not secure related but was sure a nifty progam was that easy desktop. My buddy pointed out in his e-mail to be sure and look at that. He also gave me the link to the company. That is some kind of little program. Where has it been hiding? I also got a copy of XP antispy. I have XP at home. Don't like it though. Wish I would have stuck it out with my windows me. Is XP suppose to be more secure? Thanks for the tips.  Bill
  10. luv2bsecure

    luv2bsecure Infrequent Poster

    Hello, Bill!

    Welcome to the forum. So you like Easy Desktop, huh? It's one of those programs that after you use it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. If you have XP, XP AntiSpy is a must. In fact, there have been more good programs mentioned in this thread than in any other I can remember since I have been around. By the way, if you would, email me and let me know who your friend is that is sold on Easy Desktop, maybe we could trade tips, etc.

  11. Lost_Soul

    Lost_Soul Registered Member

    If you really want protection with your firewall SpyBlocker 5.0 protects port 80 from nasties & I use it on WinME and it works great. Anyone with XP should use SB2.zip. my 2cents...
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