Webroot Acquires Prevx

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by Scoobs72, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    WOW :eek:

    Will support remain for current PrevX keys and users?
    Will forum support remain here at Wilders?
    Will updates for the latest version keep on coming?
  2. Baserk

    Baserk Registered Member

    Hopefully this acquisition will keep Prevx products lean and mean.
    I'd 'hate' to see all kinds of stuff added by default like BrightCloud's browser toolbars and twitter scanners and what not.

    And to all Prevx employees here; I really hope this new course won't change your 'company culture' too much.
    (Enter; too enthusiastic new HR colleague; "We all know you guys have created great products the way you do but we do things a little different...." :eek: )
  3. Dark Star 72

    Dark Star 72 Registered Member

    As someone who has gone over to Linux I was looking forward to the Prevx development for Linux. Will this still come to pass, or will it disappear into the misty ruins of time :doubt:
  4. vtol

    vtol Registered Member

    got 890 days left, wish to be reimbursed and cancel the remaining license period after this announcement. please let me know how to proceed.
  5. Sir Percy

    Sir Percy Registered Member

    What a crappy deal....exept for whoever got his pockets full selling out his loyal customers (& employees)....but in the end crappy for those who like Prevx as it is now. :thumbd:

    I'm glad i saw this because i had my CIO convinced we needed to ditch TM at work and try out Prevx enterprise....i can safely say this will NOT happen now.

    Very sad IMHO, Webroot mindboggling to say the least. o_O
  6. darthsideous666

    darthsideous666 Registered Member

    o_O I am at a loss for words at the moment :(
  7. Mongol

    Mongol Registered Member

    This reminds me of when AVG bought out Ewido. Ewido was a terrific separate and fulltime Malware/Spyware program. Before long its technology was incorporated into AVG's products and poof it was gone. I hope I am wrong but I have a bad feeling here...:eek: :rolleyes: :doubt: o_O :cautious:
  8. Jav

    Jav Guest

    sad :doubt:
  9. Ibrad

    Ibrad Registered Member

    Guys its not the end of PrevX (as far as whats been told so far). Webroot has made massive improvements lately. I can see some good ways both can help each other and the more I have thought about it this merger seems very nice.
  10. SweX

    SweX Registered Member

    All I can say is WHY WHY WHY?....Was this really necessary:(
  11. TonyW

    TonyW Registered Member

    The technology behind Prevx will most certainly benefit Webroot. That is one good thing about the aquisition. The downside is we lose the uniqueness of Prevx as we know it.
  12. PrevxHelp

    PrevxHelp Former Prevx Moderator

    Very well said :thumb:

    I'm confident that this is a great step forward for the Prevx product set and company which will only grow stronger with Webroot's vast infrastructure. I do request that you judge us by our actions - if you aren't convinced, just wait and see what we will be developing.

    We are certainly not deserting our customers and I'd be shocked if anyone would notice any change at this forum because everything will continue as it does today. Existing users and new users will continue to receive the same great support and for those of you who have used Webroot software in the past, I'd recommend taking a look at Webroot's new product set.

    The direction that Webroot are going in and the direction that Prevx are going in have been logically converging for quite some time and integrating the technology will create an unparalleled new class of protection.
  13. pabrate

    pabrate Registered Member

    Money talks , BS walks :(
  14. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

    You might as well hand out a bunch of 10 foot poles
    because there will be an awful lot of people who won't touch Prevx now without one!
    I always respected Joe and I enjoyed Prevx enough to purchase a couple licenses...
    but Webroot is one of a small handful of companies whose products will never reside on any of my computers (or any of my friends and associates who I advise/help out).
    I sincerely hope all goes well for Prevx and the Wilders members who use it, but any thoughts I had about ever putting it back on my machines were just dashed on the rocks. :thumbd:
  15. TonyW

    TonyW Registered Member

    <tongue in cheek>Wonder if the new product will be called Webroot CSI?</uncheeked>
  16. Fad

    Fad Registered Member

    Neil J. Rubenking 07/26/2010


    How long has this been in the pipeline I wonder, and how long has the merger been active ?

    The inner cynic in me also makes me wonder if the upcoming P4 has anything to do with this...are they going to be merged as a single software solution in some way....with P3 being the last incarnation of Prevx in it`s current form ?

    Admittedly, my first knee jerk reaction to this news was that Prevx is going to hell in a handbag - but I guess there`s no use for panic or speculation until the truth comes out.

    So theoretically, will it be perfectly OK to install & use the Webroot software and run Prevx simultaneously well into the forseeable future....without any conflict ?
  17. dr pan k

    dr pan k Registered Member

    what do u expect the guys from prevx to say ? that the product will soon disappear in advance of a webroot security suite ?? lets not give joe or any other from prevx support a hard time, i think they know how people here at wilders see things
  18. hawki

    hawki Registered Member

    Antivirus scanning becoming inadequate, says Webroot CEO

    "Webroot will now spend the next six months integrating Prevx’s cloud-oriented application profiling into its own development program. The Derby employees will be retained and the technical effort spread to engineers based in the US and Austria.

    Further down the track, it looks as if the Prevx approach will be used to supplement the company’s signature-based scanning antivirus products with a possible view to replacing it entirely when the market is deemed ready."

  19. Boyfriend

    Boyfriend Registered Member

    No TonyW. These might be called as Webroot Prevx CSI :p
  20. aigle

    aigle Registered Member

    I hate this.

    Prevx is dead guys, you accept it or not.

    You know what's the problem here. A good product is acquired by an inferior product. Result is very easy to guess. A sad demise for Prevx. Alas
  21. Scoobs72

    Scoobs72 Registered Member

    Guys, some of these responses here are bordering on hysteria. It's ridiculous. Most of the mergers/buyouts that have been so poor (for the consumer) within the AV/Anti-malware industry have been where the company being bought has very similar technology and solutions to the company acquiring them, e.g. PCTools vs Symantec. That's not the case here, which as far as mergers go is encouraging. Equally, Prevx is a very small company and there is going to be no significant requirement for Webroot to make headcount reductions or staffing changes due to mass levels of overlap between the two companies.

    So quit this nonsense and give both companies the benefit of the doubt. If it doesn't work out then fine, we'll all walk away and some of you can smugly say "I told you so". Until then, do the decent thing and reserve judgement.
  22. SIR****TMG

    SIR****TMG Registered Member

    What a SHOCK......:gack:
  23. Page42

    Page42 Registered Member

    Do the decent thing and reserve judgement?
    You mean like you just did? ;)
  24. rafaelsct01

    rafaelsct01 Registered Member

    Bad news...
    I will not renew my license.
    This product is gone from my system!

    :thumbd: :thumbd: :thumbd:
  25. Scoobs72

    Scoobs72 Registered Member

    Yes, I did. Read my post again if you don't understand. :) If this goes down the pan I'll be walking away as well, but I'm prepared to wait and see. After all it's just a piece of security software. People need to get some perspective.
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