US Senate kills off the Bill of Rights.

Discussion in 'privacy general' started by cheater87, Dec 2, 2011.

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    ~ Off Topic Remarks Removed ~ Here's the way this will go: Put it up for vote, pass it, get it vetoed, hide for a while, come back later reworded, pass it for good. That's how all of these bills come through. This is the kind of stuff that is just getting started, and it even scares the intelligence agencies and the military. The NSA, CIA and others get a lot of flack, but they really aren't into this. The laws that get passed dictate most of this stuff, not some shady black ops.
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  4. x942

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    This sounds awfuly fimiliar. I am personally glad I don't live in the states but I am equally worried this may come to Canada sooner than latter but hopefully it doesn't. I hope the people see whats wrong here and revolt if it is not veto'd. People should revolt sooner rather than latter.

    Step one in forming a police state is by pass laws that slow disolve civil rights.
    step two is building secret prisions
    step three is secret arrests
    step four is censorship
    step five is closing boarders.

    The US is reaching step one fast.
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    I read they are just about to launch NORTHERN COMMAND... (I think they intend to infect canada also)
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    USA, the land of freedom. You're just not allowed to leave that room they put you in. Nice.
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    I think what will happen is the bill will be veto'd and than a few years from now it will resurface with some admendments.

    The thing is they will slowly siphon power away from the people under the guise of a helping us and promissing it is only temporary. But once they have that power they will NEVER give it back (not willingly at least).

    You never know. This may not come to pass in our lifetime and it may never come to pass. But the fact people are trying makes it scary.
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    Nope US is at step 4 already. All remains in closing borders. They have by passed many laws, they have secret prisons already. They do secretly arrest individuals and media censorship is high as always.
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    From Obama signs defense bill despite 'reservations':
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    What is a signing statement and how does it affect the bill as signed?
    Is the signing statement a promise or law?
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    It does not affect the bill. It is Obama saying how he will interpret and enforce the bill. It has no effect on future Presidents.
  13. MrBrian

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    From Obama Signs Defense Bill With “Serious Reservations”:
    Statement by the President on H.R. 1540
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    How can he legally sign something that violates the constitution? Isn't their someway the Supreme court (or someone) can veto this? The law itself is illegal! Why isn't anyone protesting?!!!??

    I dont know about the states but in Canada I know the Governor General can overrule the prime minister if he breaks our Constitution (Charter of Rights and Freedoms).
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