True Image Home 11 + SATA controller in AHCI mode on Vista

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by atitlan, Jan 28, 2008.

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  1. atitlan

    atitlan Registered Member

    The failure of the South Bridge of my Intel P965/IHC8 motherboard compels a new replacement, with the unavoidable re-installation of Vista (and all my apps).

    I am switching to an Intel P35/IHC9 one. From previous experience with another P35/IHC9 system, I know that ATI Home -11 installed on Vista works when Vista was installed with the SATA controller set to IDE mode.

    I am wondering whether anyone on the forum has experience with ATI Home -11 on a motherboard the BIOS of which was set to AHCI [Advanced Host Controller Interface] mode for the Vista installation?

    Indeed, I would be grateful for any comments on the benefits/drawbacks (experienced as opposed to theoretical) of AHCI. I am using (2x) WD 500GB SATA 3GBs.

    Since Vista's installation disk is equipped with the drivers to recognize AHCI mode (unlike Wxp, which requires an F6 supplemental Floppy Disk), I assume that Vista PE — which I have used very successfully with Mustang's Plug-in — will recognize SATA drives in AHCI mode. Anyone confirm this?

    Many thanks!
  2. K0LO

    K0LO Registered Member

    Yes, VistaPE recognizes my SATA RAID drives running in AHCI mode without needing to add any drivers, although I am using a motherboard with an older chipset, the ICH6.

    Vista also installed natively without issue with the BIOS set in AHCI mode on this motherboard, and TI Home 10 works perfectly with the drives in AHCI mode from all combinations; running in Vista, booting from VistaPE, and booting from the Acronis recovery disk in either safe or full modes.

    Sorry that I can't answer your question about TI 11, nor can I vouch for the ICH9 chipset; maybe someone else here has direct experience with these.
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  3. atitlan

    atitlan Registered Member

    Thanks, Mark. Your experience sounds encouraging, particularly VistaPE's ability to recognize SATA drives in AHCI mode.

  4. dheijl

    dheijl Registered Member

    I have no problems with Vista and an ICH7 chipset with a sata drive in AHCI mode and NCQ enabled. ATI 11 build 8053 works OK both in Windows and with the TI Linux recovery CD. I use an external firewire drive for back-ups.

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