Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by Sharyn, Aug 31, 2008.

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  1. Sharyn

    Sharyn Registered Member

    Hi! I am a newbie here.
    I use the free program "Ad~Aware (SE)" & need to know...
    Do I want to "Remove" or "Quarantine" items that show up in the end results?
    Which is best? Whats the difference?
    Usually I quarantine the CRITICAL & remove the other one.
    But, afraid me blond peeks through because I really don't understand ANY of it? o_O
    So, can someone please clarify to me, in plain english, so I may better understand what I am doing in there? :rolleyes:
    Thank~You so much in advance!
  2. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    Quarantine them, in case that you could need them in the future, they may be false positi.v Youes can post a screenshot of the detected items.

    PS:I would avoid using that tool. It's pretty useless nowadays.
  3. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    QUARANTINE is better option in case of false positive,so dont delete them cause you may endup deleting something important.
  4. Sharyn

    Sharyn Registered Member

    OK. Thank you. But, you posted..."PS:I would avoid using that tool. It's pretty useless nowadays.". which program (free) would you, personally, recommend?
    I wouldn't know whether or not I would need whatever I delete in the future because I don't understand 1/2 of what I am doing. lol I don't know what a majority of the programs are for. I don't know what is essential & what is not?
    I just use it, and have for a very long time, thinking it will clear all the piggy~back things & help me system run faster. ha ha ha
    I am really, REALLY dumb with this stuff. :gack:
    So, what program would you, or anyone else, recommend for me to use?
    PS: I noticed my post here was moved, but I don't know where it was moved to? lololol
    I am sorrie that I posted in the wrong place, but, being a newbie and all. As it is, I get lost in a phone booth...WITH THE DOOR OPEN!!! :p lol
  5. emperordarius

    emperordarius Registered Member

    SUPERAntiSpyware. It does an excellent job and rarely false positives. I would also recommend MalwareBytes ant-malware, but since you might not be able to deal with it's frequent false positives, go for the first one for now.
  6. Sharyn

    Sharyn Registered Member

    Trust me when I say I need ALL the help I can get!
    Your help is much appreciated, you wouldn't believe. lol
  7. jmonge

    jmonge Registered Member

    for removing spywares you can have SuperAntiSpyWare free and for viruses
    you can get Avira AntiVirus Free:thumb: with this 2 you will be ok:thumb:
  8. Sharyn

    Sharyn Registered Member

    I just installed the Avira on my system.
    I will then install it on my baby mans system. It is running so...TOO slow.
  9. Tarq57

    Tarq57 Registered Member

    Welcome to the world of learning about computer security. :) There's plenty of info available here from newbie level all the way up.
    Make sure that if you did have another AV before installing Avira, that it has been uninstalled. If it's Norton, it would be wise to run the uninstall tool.
    The main reason for quarantining is that occasionally these programs identify an OK file as malicious. If you've quarantined it and later found it was needed for something, it can be restored from quarantine.
    Any Q's, just ask away.
  10. HURST

    HURST Registered Member

    Hi Sharyn
    Welcome to Wilders.

    Avira is a good antivirus. As stated before, be sure to remove other antivirus before installing it, since you can only have ONE antivirus installed on your computer.

    Also use SuperAntispyware. This is not an Antivirus, it's an anti-spyware (for virus, spyware, adware, trojans, etc definitions, see here: )The free version is just a scanner, which you should run every week or every 2 weeks. The paid version (only 20 bucks for a LIFETIME version is really cheap. If you have the money, I would go for it). SAS doesn't conflict with any antivirus, so you can run both together.

    Also, you should know that NO ANTIVIRUS CATCHES ALL. So it is possible that Avira and/or SAS sometimes miss something. Good tools for having a second opinion, which you could run every month just to be sure, are MawareByte's Anti-Malware (MBAM, mainly not-virus malware detection and removal, free) and Dr. Web's CureIT! (anti-virus, needs to be downloaded again everytime you want to scan ~10MB, no installation, just execute. Free)

    Good luck!
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