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Discussion in 'Returnil releases' started by Valder, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. Valder

    Valder Registered Member


    Why do I receive messages about RSS 2011 detecting that I have restored my System and a "System Requires attention" alert when I am using the free version?

    This is a special situation and usually happens after your license subscription has expired, but a Full Restore was complete just prior to the license expiration which caused the client to revert to the free for Home use version.
    You will not be able to access the File Recovery feature at this point so do the following:
    Renew your subscription and re-register your copy of the software. This will restore your access to these features and allow you to restore or not restore as required.
    Hide the alert: For those who do not wish to renew their licensing at this time, open the Home > Overview tab and then click the "hide" link to the immediate right of the "System Requires Attention" panel. This will clear the alert and you should have no further messages for the restore.

    Where? Where are these Home and Overview tabs? I did not subscribe to anything, I have freeware.
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Hi Valder,
    The Home screen is the default screen that appears when you open the RSS 2011 program interface. The tabs are on the left side of the GUI and are (in order from top to bottom):

    1. Home
    2. Virus Guard
    3. Virtual Mode
    4. System Restore
    5. Status

    Once the Home section is open, you will see the following subsections:

    1. Overview
    2. Messages

    In regards to the "System requires attention" message, open the Home > Overview section and check the top message. When all is as it should be, the very top of this section will be in green and say "System Secure". When you get that notice however, this section will be yellow and the button below should show an action such as "Start Virtual Mode" or other text that relates to the "issue" the program is attempting to direct your attention towards.

    This may also be shown if you have selected the option to warn the user when the Virtual Mode is deactivated OR if the Virus guard is deactivated depending on the settings in preferences > Administration tab > Notify user... area.

  3. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    Thanks Mike,

    The situation improved. However, other things have arised:

    Virtual Mode: Displays a green shield with the word OFF if the virtualization is deactivated and a red shield with the word ON when the virtualization is active on the the listed client computer.

    For me it's green when it's on, red, when't it's off. The opposite. I use the latest freeware version, I don't use virus guard - what for if I have the system protection enabled?
  4. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    I want to get rid of the messages completely:
    "Virtual mode is nearing it's capacity" - I have 3 gigabytes free, so?
    "Unexpected error when downloading updates"

    I don't want to delete them by hand - I want to get rid of them.
  5. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    PREFERENCES > AMINISTRATION TAB > Notify User... section

    The default setting is to warn when the Virus guard is deactivated but can be changed so that the warning is for the virtual Mode being turned off if required by the user.
  6. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    The feature is coded so that a warning is given when the cache has only a certain percentage of the total space allocated remaining. If you are getting this message frequently, try increasing the cache size until it is at a level where you no longer get that message during normal use of the computer.

    This message means that there has been some type of communications issue between the signature update/malware data collection server and your copy of the software. In most cases it will be in-frequent unless you are experiencing local connection issues with your ISP OR the check for updates happened when the server was busy for whatever reason. In most cases, the latter reason will be extremely infrequent, but does happen with the issue usually being cleared within a few minutes.

    As you mentioned that you have the virus guard deactivated, you may also want to deactivate the malware data collection and checking for signature updates in the configurations.

  7. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    So by default the shield logo in the task bar should be red or green by default when active/passive?
  8. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    Where to do this? I have 3 gigs of free space. Should be enough... isn't it?

    Again... where to adjust this? I can't find.

  9. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    Can I just find a legacy version of your software? It just worked.
  10. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Depending on which one (VG or VM) that is selected, yes.
  11. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Virtual Mode > Settings > Advanced section > Percentage of free space...

    Whether it is sufficient is entirely dependent upon whether you are running up against the following during normal use of your system:

    1. The error you cited above where the available space in the virtualization cache was approaching exhaustion

    2. Delayed write message from Windows

    In #1, the message is from RSS/RVS warning the user that they are approaching a point where the cache will be full and once full, you will need to restart the computer to reset the cache. #2 is a warning from Windows that there is no disk space available for it to write to the disk. As the cache is actually what Windows believes is the real disk, being full equates to the same thing as a completely full disk. Simply restart the computer to reset the cache.

    1. Malware behavior and sample uploads: Virus Guard > Settings > Data Collection Policy (in this scenario, set it to "Do not collect...")

    2. Signature updates: Preferences > Communications tab > Updates section (In this scenario, set the option in the Automatic Updates drop down menu to "Never")

  12. Valder

    Valder Registered Member

    Thanks for the updates, Coldmoon!

    I check them.
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