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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by guest, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. guest

    guest Guest

    Hey I’m working on updating the design for a company site and I was wondering if you guys know any good places on the web where I can find free/really cheap stock photos I can use?

    Thanks for your time and I look forward to your replies.
  2. Marja

    Marja Honestly, I'm not a bot!!

    You could try at this place for photos-
    they are around $1 to $5-
    or here..

    There are plenty of photographers/web designers here that probably have better links...:)

    Be Patient...Hope these help some.

  3. Peter2150

    Peter2150 Global Moderator

    You might google for the subject matter you are looking for.

    ie google subject photo jpg or something like that.
  4. GlobalForce

    GlobalForce Regular Poster

    Check the heading "royalty free stock photography" over on's site for idea's. Linked from wikipedia,'s page offer's side x side comparison of the various companies including number of images, price's, etc. Provided you're not too cheap, you should be able to find one that work's.

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